What are the symptoms on the first day of pregnancy?

It is very important for every woman to know about the presence or absence of pregnancy before

symptoms on the first day of pregnancy
delay of menstruation,it is planned or not. Define the symptoms on the first day of pregnancy can be difficult, because every organism is individual. But with careful observation, you can see the subtle changes that indicate the presence of pregnancy. Many women, after pregnancy is confirmed by a test or ultrasound? understand that they knew about their situation much earlier.

Symptoms on the first day of pregnancy

  • allocation in the first days of pregnancy
    Slight spotting. They can be brown, pink or yellow. The number of them can vary from a small blood loss to a few drops. This signals that there is implantation bleeding, which occurs because the embryo lands on the uterine wall. Such discharge in the first days of pregnancy is the first sign of a developing life. Strengthening the circulation of the uterus in the presence of an embryo in it can provoke erosion of the cervix, which is also accompanied by bloody discharge, expressed in a brighter color.
  • Increase in basal temperature. Measurements of the thermometer show a temperature above 37.
  • Illnesses. A woman experiences the false symptoms of a cold or an evolving disease. Some of them are slightly ill in reality during this period, they feel sore throat, runny nose, etc. Most likely, this symptomatology is caused by a decrease in immunity.
  • first day of pregnancy
    Increase and increase of breast sensitivity. These signs are manifested one or two weeks after conception. Pain sensations in the chest are similar to those that occur before menstruation.
  • Pain in the uterus. 1-2 weeks after the onset of pregnancy, a woman can feel periodic tingling in the uterus.
  • Throws it in the heat, then in the cold. The first trimester of pregnancy is accompanied by abrupt changes in body temperature.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Aversion to smells, salivation, nausea. 50% of women in early pregnancy face such phenomena as nausea, increased salivation and intolerance to many smells, even those that liked before pregnancy. These symptoms on the first day of pregnancy are rare, mostly 2-8 weeks after conception.
  • what are the sensations in the first days of pregnancy
    Drawing pain in the lower back. Such pain accompanies the entire period of pregnancy, periodically changing only the strength of pain.
  • Headaches and even migraines. Changes in the level of hormones can cause similar phenomena.
  • Slight puffiness of the hands. In this, the hormonal background is also to blame, the changes that detain salt and fluid in the body.
  • Frequent urge to urinate. An early signal that a pregnancy has come.
  • Reduced blood pressure. This leads to a deterioration in well-being. Symptoms on the first day of pregnancy with a decrease in pressure can be: dizziness, weakness, headaches, fainting.
  • Increased appetite and craving for certain types of foods.
  • Abundant vaginal discharge, the appearance of thrush.
  • Delay of menstruation is the main sign of the occurred conception.

Listen to your body, and perhaps you will determine what feelings in the first days of pregnancy are quite clear and clear.

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