Blood from the nose during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very difficult physiologicala process in which practically all the organs of a woman are subjected to one or another change. Some changes are harmless enough (for example, swelling of the chest and roundness of the body). But there are some that you just need to tell your therapist or gynecologist. Blood from the nose during pregnancy refers specifically to such cases.

Blood from the nose in pregnant women is quite frequent and,seems to be an inoffensive phenomenon in our everyday life, so we do not always attach importance to it. And in vain, because the causes of the appearance of blood can be life threatening. Especially if it's bleeding from the nose during pregnancy.

Rhinitis with blood during pregnancy alsoquite a frequent occurrence in expectant mothers. The thing is that increasing the level of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) can lead to an increase in the flow of blood through the nasal mucosa. From such an overload, it often swells and becomes thinner and friable. As a rule, many pregnant women notice the stuffiness and swelling of the nose, shortness of breath, arising for the same reason. Under the influence of external factors, the vascular network becomes somewhat more sensitive, and bloody discharge from the nose can be quite frequent. This should not be delayed and it is necessary to immediately tell your gynecologist. He can prescribe various drops or ointments that will strengthen the walls of the vessels.

Another factor in the appearance of blood from the nose whenpregnancy becomes an increase in blood pressure, particularly arterial pressure. This cause is more dangerous, may well lead to the onset of premature birth or adversely affect utero-placental circulation. If the pressure rises or decreases by 10-20 orders, it is necessary to immediately use medical aid. Symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, headaches, flashing before the eyes, ear tinnitus, weakness are also possible.

Most often, patients who have bloodfrom a nose at pregnancy, ask to pass or take place the analysis of a blood on coagulability. If he showed any deviations, it is necessary to get a consultation with the hematologist. With often high blood pressure, constant monitoring by a doctor (often hospital treatment) and constant intake of medications is necessary to reduce it.

All the above causes of blood fromnose during pregnancy are quite dangerous. But we can not change them. More often, everyday everyday situations such as deterioration or sudden change in weather conditions, visiting a sauna or a bath, being in the open sun or in a stuffy room, accidental trauma, and much more become the cause of the bleeding. Often, bleeding is not abundant, only from one nostril, does not pose a danger to a pregnant woman.

Consider how you can quickly stop the blood from the nose during pregnancy:

1. It is necessary to head back moderately in a sitting position. A strong inclination of the head is undesirable, in order to avoid getting blood into the nasopharynx.
2. Put a wet wet napkin or ice on the bridge of the nose.
3. It is forbidden to blow your nose, as this prevents the formation of a blood stopper, which can stop bleeding.
4. If the blood goes not too abundant, then the nose is clamped with two fingers and slightly raised (in a couple of minutes, the bleeding usually stops).
5. If bleeding is abundant, apply to the nose or inject a roller of cotton wool soaked in hydrogen peroxide (3% solution). After this, the patient is immediately hospitalized.

Blood from the nose during pregnancy is not uncommon, unfortunately. Bad ecology, bad habits and frequent overtaxation can make this symptom quite frequent.

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