Contents of goldfish in the aquarium

Goldfish grows up to thirtycentimeters, and in the aquarium, mostly up to fifteen centimeters. The trunk of the goldfish is elongated, elliptical, with a sharp mouth, smoothed on the sides. The dorsal fin extends centrally

Contents of golden fish
body, anal fin shorter and cut totail. The fish has a red and golden vertebra, a lemon side, a yellowish belly. Fins reddish or yellowish. They are pale pink, just white, black and black and blue, yellow, spotted.

Goldfish is very familiar to everyoneclassic "first fish". Based on this, we can conclude that in courting her there is nothing complicated. But this is a delusion. Many receive fish as a birthday present. But in most cases, goldfish live no more than three to four days. Not knowing in which aquarium the fish can live, how to properly care for it, how to properly start it and what to feed, the owners risk losing this beauty.

Encyclopedia of aquarium fish
The content of goldfish requires attention,therefore, an aquarium is required, whose capacity is not less than fifty liters per organism. While increasing the volume of the aquarium, you can slightly increase the density of planting, but you can not overdo it, since with these fish you can "step over the line". The content of goldfish also includes the ability to choose the right soil, since these amazing creatures like to rummage in the soil very much. In the form of a soil, of course, it is best to use large sand or pebbles. For aquarium it is desirable to purchase large-leaved plants, although exotic aquarium fish, without knowing it, spoil the delicate, weak plants with garbage. The aquarium should be a species: large, spacious and light. The content of goldfish can be diversified with the addition of calmer fish.

It is necessary to guarantee natural lighting andfiltration in the aquarium. Each variety of goldfish requires good aeration. When decorating the aquarium, it is necessary to avoid shells and stones with very sharp sides, since there is a possibility of injury to the inhabitants.

Exotic aquarium fish
Exotic aquarium fish are ready forreproduction in the first year, but for breeding purposes it is best to wait until the time when they fully grow. This occurs most often at the age of 3 years. The spawning period is in April or May. It is evident from the females and males that they are ready for reproduction. On the gill covers there are pronounced bulging bumps of mother-of-pearl color, and on the pectoral fins there are small sawlike serrations. The tummy of females ready for spawning significantly increases in size. As a rule, males begin to actively oppress them, trying to drive them into a shallow and heavily overgrown place. That is why the content of goldfish during spawning requires special attention, and the water level in the aquarium should not be more than 20 centimeters. During the first few days small fish that have been born are moved very little, hang or lie between water plants.

As you can see, everything is not so difficult, especially since beginners in everything will help the encyclopedia of aquarium fish

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