When do men celebrate a day in Russia?

If you look at the international calendarholidays, it is impossible to find a free day. But ordinary citizens do not even know about many general holidays. Do you know, for example, when the day of a man in Russia? And this is not February 23, as many people mistakenly believe. Write down all the important dates in your calendar and do not forget to please close people with small gifts and pleasant surprises about and without.

The most men's holidays

Day of the man in Russia
Some members of the stronger sexthey are asked not to congratulate them on February 23. This holiday was jokingly called "deodorant day" in the people, but in fact it is the day of the defenders of the fatherland. Accordingly, it should be noted only by those who have some relation to the armed forces. However, today this holiday is congratulated not only for men who served, but also for male schoolchildren, so you have a wonderful opportunity to please the men. The present day of the man in Russia is celebrated on the first Saturday of November. There is also a worldwide father's day, celebrated on the first Sunday of June. We must not forget about the day of the spouse, celebrated in Russia on January 20.

What gifts to give to men's day?

Men's Day
As in any other holiday, presents shouldchoose individually for each recipient. You can give something associated with the hobby of the addressee. A beloved man can be presented with some kind of romantic souvenir. Relevant for such cases and gifts with personal engraving. It can be a piece of jewelry, a watch or a cigarette case. Do not forget about gift certificates. They can be not only for shopping, but also a rest or a visit to some entertainment center. Let the day of a man in Russia and the day of a motorist - it's a completely different holiday, an inveterate driver can be presented with some accessory for the car.

How to celebrate the holiday of the stronger sex?

Congratulations on men's day
There are a lot of options, you can organize this dayparty or go out with friends to a club or restaurant. A beloved person or father can please a delicious dinner at home. If the holiday falls on a day off, the first congratulations on men's day can be pronounced as soon as a representative of the stronger sex opens his eyes. Treat him to breakfast or a drink in bed, you can immediately give a gift. Spend this day as the owner of the holiday wants. You can organize a trip to some unusual place or go where you've been planning for a long time, but there was not enough time. It can be a sauna, spa, bowling, billiards or a virtual entertainment center. And do not think that such a scenario of the holiday is suitable only for lovers, for sure your dad is not against spending a couple of hours in the steam room, and then relax under the hands of a professional masseur. If you celebrate a holiday in the warm season, you can go to nature. A man's day in Russia can be celebrated with a picnic or a trip to his own country house. A good option is to go for a couple of days to some recreation center or to a sanatorium. Watch the calendar of holidays and try to prepare in advance gifts and congratulations for the day of men, your loved ones will definitely appreciate it.

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