Mysteries about tigers: we study the animal world

Children always take interest in the call fromparents if the training is non-standard. Riddles about tigers will surely appeal to kids and will interest crumbs of any age. Therefore, it is worthwhile to properly prepare for the process of starting the game training.

riddles about tigers

Mysteries about tigers in verse

If you have the skills of adding rhymes, then you can independently come up with the tasks for a big cat for your children. If not, you can find the information here:

Striped cats,

But growl at times a little.


Maybe you have a cat at home?

And what kind of brother is the striped one in the beast?


Dexterous, and fast, and very beautiful,

Cats are striped, who are they, guys?


As zarichit, so immediately scary,

Fangs and claws are dangerous.

Color they striped,

Who are they, guys?


They are trained, tamed,

They perform in the circus.

Striped, like cats,

But a little more.


When they are small,

Well, exactly like kittens.

And they will grow up like they will growl.

Who are these guys?


Striped cats, only formidable little.

In the zoo you saw them, just did not stroke them.


This beast in the street you will not meet,

Unless in the jungle you find it.

This cat lives in a circus, in a zoo,

But you will not stroke her like in a park.

Striped, fluffy, beautiful, sometimes even playful.

But if you hear how it growls, you will immediately understand that it is not a cat.

Who is striped, answer dear guys?


Big pussy, striped.

She is not afraid of a fox or a horse.

Rags threateningly, fangs are sharp,

And like a cat,

Who is it?

The riddle of the tiger for children in prose

riddles about tigers for children

If you want to include more information in puzzles, then you can present them in prose. A riddled riddle about the tiger for children will appeal to both kids and older children.


This cat is striped, she likes all the guys. It growls very scary, it is dangerous. Only in a circus or a zoo one can admire these animals.


Her in the circus can be easy to see,trainers can even head into the mouth of this cat. But at home someone can not find it, because it is a real predator. Striped, looks like a cat, but very large. Who is it?

Prosaic puzzles about tigers will help to convey the information as much as possible, so that the children correctly guess.

Than useful learning with riddles

Bright and interesting riddles about tigers contribute to the identification of talents in crumbs. First of all, it helps the child to develop fully, but primarily affects the following factors:

  • Logical thinking.
  • Fantasy.
  • Ability to achieve the goal.
  • Creative skills.
  • Consistency.
  • Interest in learning, so the kid will understand that learning new is very exciting and interesting.
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