Interesting riddles about the air (with answers)

What are riddles for? Firstly, it's fun - to try to understand what is at issue in tricky questions. Secondly, it develops intelligence. Third, puzzles allow a person to distinguish the main signs of an object or phenomenon from the secondary, structure the concepts and remember information in an interesting game form. That's why puzzles are an integral part of the pedagogical process - developing classes in kindergarten, lessons in school.

What are the riddles about air?

With answers to rhymed verses, as a rule,even small children can cope. These puzzles can be used in pre-school classes. Talking about nature, about the phenomena surrounding us, the teacher always mentions the atmosphere. And riddles about the air (with answers, of course) will come here at the right time. This can be illustrated by various pictures.

Riddles about the air for children (with answers)

1. There is paper and firewood,

Branches, brushwood and grass,

There are matches, but without me

Do not light your fire.

Who am I? (Air.)

2. What is:

You can not drink or eat,

Has no taste, no smell, no color,

Not soft and not hard,

Inaudible, invisible, but all so necessary? (It's air.)

3. We do not see or hear him,

But we all always breathe. (Air.)

Riddles about air (with answers)

Riddles for school children

Mysteries about air with answers will be useful for older children. They can diversify the lessons of physics, chemistry or some thematic events: competitions, olympiads.

1. Without which oxidation processes are impossible? (Without air.)

2. What conducts sound in space? No it - there is no sound. (Air.)

3. Where is nitrogen contained,

Hydrogen and oxygen,

Also carbon dioxide,

And all this is around us?

(In the air.)

4. I will catch him with my nose,

And I can catch a pump,

I'll swim to the depth -

He will not let go to the bottom.

(Air in an inflatable boat or lifebuoy.)


Nothing is as memorable as an illustrative and fascinating example. Want to tell the children about the air interesting and original? Use physical tricks!

1. Take an empty glass and a glass container with water. Suitable, for example, a microwave pot. Show the children that the glass is empty. Turn it upside down and dip it into the water. Water will not rise in the glass, because there is already something there. What is it? Air!

2. You will need a chicken egg and a glass bottle with a wide throat. Take also matches and a piece of paper. Important: the egg should not fall freely into the bottle. Then everything is simple. Cook the egg with a hard boiled egg and peel it from the shell. Set fire to a piece of paper and throw it into the bottle. When he burns, quickly put the egg on the neck of the vessel. It will seep down. Who lured the egg into the bottle? Air!

riddles about the air for children with answers
These tricks, although they are known to the majorityadults, for many children will be an interesting discovery. Similar riddles about air with answers stimulate kids to think about the nature of things and the properties of physical bodies. A child, who is interested, will be happy to comprehend the new, learning the facts and independently deriving the links between them.

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