Caracal - a cat, but not a baby!

Big cats in people's homes - it's not uncommon. A large outlandish pet is easy to get, but expensive. Not many of the predators are domesticated, become safe for humans, breed in captivity. But the caracal - a cat that easily kills an antelope on a hunt in Africa - can become a sweet and affectionate pet. You just need to make a little effort for her upbringing in the first two years of life. Or entrust this kennel and get, as a result, a pleasant in all respects a pet. Naturally, a wild animal caught in the desert or savannah can no longer curb its temper. You need to buy a small kitten that was not domesticated in the first generation. Bear in mind, the caracal is a cat that has large sizes (60-90 cm body length, weight up to 20 kg in adulthood). Do you have enough space in the apartment or should you move it to the country house territory?
cat of the breed caracal

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Interesting facts about the caracal:

  • Can catch on the fly vsporhnuvshuyu bird, and not one.
  • The cat of the caracal breed is listed in the International Red Book.
  • It is called a small cheetah by the peoples of Asia.
  • Active time of day - night.
  •  caracal
    Caracal is a cat that can jump up to 4 meters.
  • The female bore cubs 10-12 weeks. The light will be 1-4 charming and fluffy kids.
  • At six months, the individual becomes old enough to separate from the mother cat.

Caracal: pets


Such pets are usually not delivered to the ownersproblems. Cats are easily accustomed to the tray and kittens. They need a lot of playing space in the house, an open-air cage for walks in the open air. They feed on raw fish or meat. Food of their food should be fresh. If Karakal does not take such food, then you need to cook meat and fish. Supplement the diet with vitamin supplements.

The temperament of such a pet is active.
He will never give up games and fun. Especially it can be liked by children who can have fun together with a tireless friend. Caracal is not dangerous to others, but it is impossible to test his patience, hurt him or tease his instincts. After all, each cat lives a predator.

Karakal can easily make friends with otherspets. Try to pay enough attention to the cat. She needs caress, care. By the way, her curiosity and strength will help open the treasured refrigerator or door to the street to escape for a walk. Look after the cat to avoid trouble.

Caracal - the cat is beautiful and graceful. She can become a favorite at home and proud of her masters. It can bring a lot of positive emotions to everyone around. From this cat will get a good guard, as her strength and character is enough to defeat the attackers. Of course, she can not replace a good dog, but she will not give a grudge to the owner. Like any domestic animal, a caracal needs to be vaccinated, to carry it for examinations to a vet. Refer also to professional trainers for advice on parenting issues. Take care of your big cat, and it will reciprocate you.

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