Causes and methods of alleviating back pain in pregnancy

Often, future mothers complain of back pain during pregnancy. The question "why does the back hurt during pregnancy?" Excites many women. Let's try to find an answer to it.

The pain appears in about 60% of women,waiting for the baby. And the future mother, she delivers a lot of problems. In most cases, back pain during pregnancy is not a cause for concern, but sometimes it can indicate serious problems. Therefore, in case of appearance of unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Pain can appear on any term, as in the first trimester, and closer to childbirth. If a woman before pregnancy has suffered such a problem, during pregnancy, it is likely that the problem will not disappear.

The causes of the appearance of pain can be different.

  • The main cause of back pain in pregnancy is the relaxation of ligaments. The body is gradually preparing for childbirth, the pelvic bones expand, a large amount of the hormone relaxin is released, which affects the ligaments, including the intervertebral ones, which leads to unpleasant sensations.
  • The next reason is the change in the center of gravity. The uterus grows, the stomach grows and in order to hold it, the muscles of the back tighten and there is pain in the waist.
  • Weight increase. Often, back pain affects women with obesity or overweight. But even at the normal initial weight, during pregnancy it increases by 10-15 kg, which leads to a heavy load on the spine and as a result discomfort appears.
  • It happens that discomfort appears in thelying position, so it is considered that pregnant women can not sleep on their backs. Such a pain is due to the fact that the enlarged uterus puts pressure on the nerve endings.

The above reasons are the norm. However, there are other causes of back pain during pregnancy, which may indicate that there are serious health problems.

In some cases, the appearance of sharp and severe pain may indicate a threat of miscarriage. Therefore, if the back suddenly fell ill and there were spotting, you should immediately call a doctor.

Pain in the lower back may indicatea kidney problem such as pyelonephritis, especially if the fever rises. In this case, you should also apply for qualified medical care in a timely manner.

How to relieve pain

If the pain is not a symptomdisease, you can try to get rid of back pain during pregnancy, or at least to relieve it. To do this, you should always follow your posture, wear shoes on a small heel, do special physical exercises and use a bandage.

We must try to sit properly. The back should rest on the pillow, and the legs should be kept in a sitting position above the waist. In this case, the load on the spine will be minimal.

It is necessary to stand less. If you can not sit down, you should put your knee bent at the knees on the hill, carrying the weight of the body alternately from one leg to the other.

You can do simple exercises for the spine:

In a position on all fours, curl the backbonearc, the movements should not be sharp, try to fix in the bending position for a few seconds. Then relax, relax and repeat the exercise again.

Try to sleep on your side. So the load on the spine will be less.

Do not gain excess weight. Proportional with increasing body weight, the pain will become stronger, and the spine will experience a greater load.

It should be remembered that prospective mothers should avoid taking potent analgesics, so you need to seek the advice of a doctor in charge of taking medications.

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