What is a corner for a newborn?

What it is? When you hear the phrase "a corner for a newborn," then what do you imagine? Most likely, ignorant people will say about the room in the room,

corner for a newborn
designed specifically for the baby.In fact, such a notion exists. Then the question arises as to how to equip a child's corner for a newborn. Agree, your baby though small, but nevertheless a member of your family, therefore it should have the space where all necessary for a thing would be stored.

Since in the first weeks of his life the baby sleepsup to 20 hours a day, you need to take care of the crib. It is desirable that it includes, in addition to the mattress and bed linen, soft curtains and canopies that will save the baby from a draft and light. A chest of drawers is a very comfortable thing. On the one hand, you will without any problems carry out all the necessary hygienic procedures, on the other - all things baby, whether drugs, clothes, wet napkins or diapers, will lie in one place. Also it is necessary to take care of the nightlight. Very practical thing, with which moms, rising at night, without any problems will find everything you need. And the baby will not wake up from the sparing light of the bulb. A corner for a newborn can be located both in a separate room and in the parent room. By the way, the latter option is very convenient because the kid will always be in front of the parents.

a towel with a corner for newborns
Corner for the newborn: diaper.In addition to various envelopes and blankets, it is very often possible to see a beautifully finished diaper on the extract, which is covered with the corner of the envelope where the baby's head is located. This detail is also called a corner for the newborn. In addition to the aesthetic, it performs a practical function: in summer it protects the baby from scorching sun rays, and in winter - from wind and snow. The main requirements for the corners are softness and safety. The skin of the baby is very sensitive, so it is necessary that with her, especially the face, only soft and natural fabrics that do not cause allergies and irritations come in contact. Some mothers in the period
Baby corner for newborn
expectations of the child themselves sew or embroider a cornerfor the newborn. Fortunately, there are a large number of patterns and patterns that help to do this with your own hands. Very often, the corner is made of lace, so it is a popular attribute on the statement. In the future, you can leave it as a memory of the most touching moments associated with the birth of your baby.

Corner for the newborn: towel.Bathing a baby is a crucial moment. It is necessary to take everything into account and prepare well for the procedure to become a pleasant event for you and your baby. An important step is to choose a towel. It is best to use a terry towel with a corner for the newborn, which is put on the head of the baby. Its main difference from the usual is to protect the baby's head from drafts on the way from the bathroom to the room. After wrapping the baby in this way, you will save it from colds.

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