On what week go on maternity leave? Let's look at this issue

At the onset of pregnancy, any womanasks an important question about what week they go on maternity leave. It is important to know that in accordance with Article 255 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, every pregnant woman who works in an organization on the basis of an employment contract has the full right to maternity leave. This time, established by the state and necessary for the birth of a child and the subsequent care for him, includes several periods:

- leave related to pregnancy and childbirth;

- leave, designed to care for a child up to a certain age (maximum up to 3 years).

The first period, in turn, is conditionalis divided into prenatal and postnatal stages. The beginning and duration of these stages depends on the individual characteristics of the course of pregnancy, the severity of labor and a number of other circumstances.

The legislation of the Russian Federation approveda number of factors affecting the duration of maternity leave. They also help to determine, on what week go on maternity leave in this or that situation.

On what week go on maternity leave
Factors affecting prenatal period:

- usual pregnancy - 70 days;

- Multiple pregnancy - 84 days;

- Pregnancy of women exposed to radiation during the Chernobyl disaster - 90 days;

- artificial insemination - is established individually.

By simple mathematical calculations, you can calculate the beginning of maternity leave, minus the required number of days from the estimated date of delivery.

Proceeding from the fact that the usual pregnancy involves 40 weeks, you can easily determine on what week go on maternity leave:

- with normal pregnancy - after 30 full weeks;

- with multiple pregnancies - after 28 full weeks;

- for women who were exposed to radiation due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster from the 27th week of pregnancy.

From what week maternity leave
There are factors that affect the duration of the postpartum period:

- usual childbirth - 70 days;

- Births with various complications - 86 days;

- multiple birth (two or more fetuses) - 110 days;

- premature birth until 30 weeks and with live baby - 156 days;

- Preterm birth until 30 weeks with the birth of a dead child or his death in the first week - 86 days;

- Adoption of one / several babies - 70/110 days from the moment of birth.

Thus, it is easy to calculate from which weekgo on maternity leave, as well as its full duration in non-standard situations. For example, a woman who was recognized as injured by the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and awaiting twins, will go on maternity leave from the 27th week onwards. With a favorable outcome of planned births, the total time of this leave will be 90 + 110 = 200 days.

The basis for giving a pregnant womanleave for maternity is the corresponding sick leave sheet issued by the medical institution. An additional application from a woman is not required. Premature birth is not the reason for the cancellation and recount of maternity leave, the right to it remains for the woman, regardless of the week from which maternity leave began.

From what week go on maternity leave
The right to determine for pregnant women the momentthe occurrence of disability, namely the search for an answer to the question of which week they go on maternity leave in each particular case, remains with the doctors. After the birth of the baby and at the end of the list of incapacity for work, a woman can go to her place of work. Another variant of the development of events is the use of parental leave for up to 1.5 or 3 years. In this case, a personal statement is required.

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