Scottish cat pryamouhaya: distinctive features and character

Quite a lot in the world of amazing breeds of cats:tailless, curly, smooth-haired, shaggy and completely naked. And each breed has its own fans. Cats love, they have been considered the oldest of the most intelligent, affectionate and graceful animals since ancient times. One of the most charming breeds is a Scottish cat pryamouhaya. Her appearance does not in the least contradict the traditional beauty of the cat family. A sweet face with a prickly nose and huge eyes has long won human love and respect.

Scottish cat pryamouhaya

It is known that the Scottish cat pryamouhayaexisted several centuries ago. However, the lop-eared breed appeared only recently. In Scotland in 1962 in a village in a normal cat an amazing kitten with straight hanging ears was born. They were turned back, and their tips were sticking out. Such a phenomenon, according to scientists, is associated with a gene mutation, but no deviations in the body and the nature of the new breed, except for an external original species, were more revealed.

So there was a Scottish catlop-eared. British and American cats also took part in the formation of the Scottish fold. There are four varieties of these lovely animals: short-haired Fold, short-haired, straight-haired, long-haired Fold and longhaired pryamouhaya. The main distinguishing features are a ball-shaped small head with large round and hanging auricles, as well as wide-open eyes that give the child a naive look.

scottish cats

Scottish pryamouhaya cat: character and habits

In addition to an unusual touching appearance, animalshave a mass of positive moments. They are graceful quiet cats, but at the same time they are distinguished by their playfulness, which does not disappear even in adulthood. They are very wise and enduring, with a sense of dignity and a wonderful livable character.

These plush lumps do not require specialattention and care. They get along well with young children and love their masters. In Russia, a Scottish cat pryamouhaya - the most popular and favorite animal. The Scotsman with great pleasure turns on his knees, loves hands and weasel. He is absolutely vindictive and good-natured. Friendly, sociable, balanced - such are they, Scottish pryamouhie cats. See the photos below.

scottish straight-ahead cat character

Possessing inexhaustible and enviable patience, theseanimals adapt quickly to conditions, get along well with other animals. They are real aristocrats - they are naturally brought up, clever and easily amenable to training. Often they are taken to circus performers. Even a very small kitten can easily accustom to the toilet and scratching. In eating, animals are also uncomfortable - they eat almost everything they give. A characteristic and surprising feature of this breed is the ability to stand on its hind legs.

So they do when they ask for something or want somethingget some interested in their subject. Scottish cat pryamouhaya - a real companion. It is necessary to communicate with them on an equal footing. They love attention, care and affection. This is an ideal breed for a family with children. Cheerful, sociable, with a sunny character pets have tenderness. They are ready round the clock with the owner or patiently wait for his return from work.

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