Kenwood MG 515 meat grinder: description, photos, reviews and features.

Meat mincer - almost the main assistant in the kitchenevery mistress. With this device, you can get the perfect stuffing for cabbage rolls and cutlets, make homemade sausages and kebbe, chop vegetables, etc. This article provides a detailed overview of the Kenwood MG 515 meat grinder with a photo, description of the technical characteristics, advantages and instructions for use. And to make the right choice in favor of this device will help real customers feedback.

Overview and description of the Kenwood MG 515

This universal kitchen assistant thanks tohigh power, which is 1600 watts, in just 1 minute easily crushes up to 2 kg of meat. All parts of the Kenwood MG 515 meat grinder are made of metal, which makes it much more reliable than competitors from plastic. The stability of the model is provided by rubberized feet, which simultaneously protect the surface of the table from the formation of scratches.

mincer kenwood mg 515 description

The set includes 3 discs with different diametersholes for grinding vegetables and meat, as well as nozzles that allow you to cook homemade sausages and kebbe. The manufacturer even has a special compartment for storing all the components.

The device is equipped with a reverse function.When you press the corresponding button on the housing, the screw of the meat grinder starts to rotate in the opposite direction. This greatly facilitates the process of grinding meat, because otherwise the device would have to be disassembled right during operation, and then reassembled.


The design of the meat grinder is quite simple. But familiar with the general characteristics of the device will be useful:

  • material - metal;
  • number of speeds - 1;
  • 3 discs with holes of 8.2 mm in diameter; 4.5 mm; 3 mm;
  • the power of the device is 1600 W;
  • the speed of the meat grinder is 2 kg / min;
  • 2 nozzles for the preparation of kebbe and sausages;
  • plastic pusher and metal tray included;
  • weight - 5 kg.


Kenwood MG 515 meat mincer has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. This is a real kitchen assistant, with whommistresses can save energy and time. The device has a high power and performance, which allows processing products several times faster than a mechanical chopper. Do not spend a lot of effort to grind the meat and cook the mince. The meat mincer of the presented model will do everything for you.
  2. The device meets all the reliability requirements.All elements are made of metal. The charging mouth, knives are specially made of stainless steel. Metal discs with holes of different sizes make it possible to receive minced meat of different granularity.
  3. The reverse function makes the device work as much as possiblecomfortable for the hostess. If during the grinding of meat on the auger wound veins, just press the button, and the meat grinder will start to turn in the opposite direction. This will allow very quickly to continue the work, not spinning the device to remove the veins.
  4. The stability of the meat grinder is provided by rubberized legs that do not slip and do not scratch the surface of the table.

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User's manual

To prepare minced meat on the Kenwood MG 515 meat grinder, proceed as follows:

  1. First you need to install the correct attachment in the socket. To do this, the clamping screw on the housing must be slightly loosened by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. After the nozzle is installed, you should hear a click. Now tighten the clamping screw and tighten the ring nut with your hand.
  3. Next, a food tray is installed from the top and a container for the finished minced meat from the bottom.
  4. You should make sure that all products are defrosted. Meat is cut into pieces not more than 2.5 cm in thickness.
  5. After turning the meat grinder, the products are fed with a pusher. In this case, do not use excessive force, as this may damage the device.
  6. In case of jamming or stopping the meat grinder inWhen grinding meat or vegetables, turn it off and then press the backstop switch. This will remove the jammed parts of the product. After that, the work can be continued.

mincer kenwood mg 515

Reviews of the meat grinder Kenwood MG 515

The device, intended for grinding meat and vegetables, has, in the opinion of customers, both advantages and disadvantages.

To the merits Kenwood MG 515 mincers include:

  • stylish and modern design;
  • a variety of disks and attachments in the kit;
  • the reverse function is provided;
  • high power and performance;
  • perfectly copes with the task.

meat grinder kenwood mg 515 reviews

As shortcomings of the device can be identified:

  • strong noise during operation;
  • In the process of grinding products, fingerprints remain on the metal casing;
  • Do not wash parts in the dishwasher.

In general, the mincer is qualitatively and quickly readychop any meat. But in order to extend the life of the device, it is necessary to check the absence of bones and pre-cut it into small pieces. Then the meat grinder will serve you for many years, chopping meat, vegetables and many other products.

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