What is Earth Day?

Which associations usually occur with the date 22April? In Soviet times we would have answered without hesitation: this is the birthday of Lenin, the dear leader of the revolution. But now absolutely different events and events are connected with this date: April 22 - Earth Day, a day of gratitude to our planet, a day of unity of all earthlings.

The traditions of this holiday were laidJulius Sterling Morton in the 40s of the XIX century, when he, as secretary of the territory of Nebraska, offered to choose a special day in the year dedicated to gardening. His idea was picked up by the public, and in 1872 the people of the state planted about a million trees. The US youth and residents of other countries supported this tradition.

In 1970, on April 22 in the United States passedthe first action dedicated to the Earth Day. It was so successful that soon Senator Gaylord Nelson organized a group of students from Harvard, who entered the "headquarters" of the movement to protect the favorable climate on the planet and protect nature. Soon hundreds of schools joined this project, the first 20 million demonstration of support was held. "The Earth Day itself organized itself," Senator Nelson said afterwards.

Already in 1971, the Earth's day turned into a "week of the Earth" - an international event that began every third week of April.

In 1990, World Earth Day was celebrated in 141 countries around the world, and climbers from the US, China and the USSR timed their ascent to Mount Everest precisely on the 20th anniversary of the holiday.

In 2009, the General Assembly of the United Nationsit was decided that henceforth and annually on April 22 - World Earth Day. The resolution says that the planet Earth is our big common house, which provides its inhabitants with everything necessary. The development of harmony with nature and the planet will allow achieving an equitable balance between the ecological, economic and social needs of present and future inhabitants of the planet.

Even in the UN resolution it is said that the concept of"Mother Earth" exists in the lexicon of many nations. It reflects the relationship between the planet and the human race. Therefore, the UN calls on all participating countries to celebrate Earth Day in order to support the already established good tradition.

This day in many parts of the world soundsa bell of peace that calls upon the entire population of the Earth to feel their community and make every effort to preserve peace and maintain the natural beauty of our amazing planet. The inscription on the bell says: "Let there be peace in the whole world."

In many places on this holiday, you canSee the flag of Earth - a photograph of the planet on a beautiful dark blue background. This picture was taken from the Apollo spacecraft on the way to the Moon. Of course, this flag is not official, because there is no planetary state or government. But this flag expresses the unity of all the inhabitants of the planet, therefore it is often a symbol of many other international environmental, environmental and peacekeeping activities.

Another symbol of the holiday is the Greek letter "omega", painted in green on a clean white background.

Earth Day raised the wave of political andpublic activity, due to which many laws and acts on nature protection were adopted. In Russia and CIS countries, this day is among the days of protection from environmental hazards.

Scientists around the world every year on this daygather together to discuss common global environmental problems. Under the auspices of the Earth Day, exhibitions, conferences are organized, motor vehicle traffic is closed, trees are planted and garbage is collected.

In Russia, traditionally, on the Earth's day, mass environmental events and actions are held to beautify the yards, streets, squares.

April 22, each resident of his good deeds can express gratitude and gratitude to our common home - mother Earth.

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