Signs of pregnancy on the first day of delay

Almost every woman who lives sexuallylife, is interested in what the first signs of pregnancy exist. The most obvious sign is the delay in menstruation. Well, of course, it's too early to panic, because a malfunction in the menstrual cycle occurs for many reasons, for example, stress or depression, sudden weight loss, climate change. Nevertheless, it is not superfluous to remember: whether during the month you had an unprotected sexual intercourse.

Signs of pregnancy on the first dayThe menstrual cycle may include painful sensations in the chest and lower abdomen. Beginning with the first weeks after conception, a woman overcomes an increased appetite, so the food reserves quickly disappear. It's no secret that future moms have special attachments to the products: they want a salty, then immediately you want to eat sweet, and so all the time. Even at an early pregnancy, a woman often goes to the toilet, so she does not get a long walk in the fresh air.

Many women notice the first signspregnancy to monthly, for example, a change in skin color, or rather the appearance of spots or lines. Immediately after conception, hormonal changes occur in the body of the woman, which manifest themselves as pink lines on the chest or abdomen. Too tangible signs include too sensitive nipples. A woman realizes that she feels the touch of her beloved man differently: she can become more sensual as well as irritable, experiencing a feeling of pain.

Signs of pregnancy on the first day of menstruationimply a change in the color of the areola of the breast: the area around the nipple becomes darker. As a rule, this process is accompanied by the appearance of additional pimples on areoles, and also the veins of the mammary glands become more pronounced. A common symptom is the feeling of nausea after breakfast. The so-called toxicosis is an individual condition, so every woman has different periods of pregnancy. At the same time, a very good appetite for a lady in an interesting position is not affected by toxicosis.

You can create your own list, in whichindividual signs of pregnancy are described. On the first day of the delay, you can begin to measure the basal temperature, for this, immediately after sleep, a conventional thermometer should be inserted into the rectum by about 2 centimeters. After about 5 minutes, take the thermometer and check the reading. In pregnant women, basal temperature is always above 37 degrees Celsius. An equally bright sign is the increased sensitivity to the surrounding odors. Often for a future mother, all the aromas seem to be stronger several times.

It is necessary to understand that the emergence of one or anothersign of pregnancy does not mean its absolute availability. The appearance of even a few signs indicates only a possible conception. It is sufficient subjective sign of pregnancy to consider sudden changes in the psychological state of a woman, for example, constant changes in her mood or sharp excitability, irritability.

In any case, due to the presence of the first signs it is impossibleunequivocally diagnose pregnancy. Currently, there are many tests that are sold in each pharmacy. Their assortment is wide enough and in the price category meets the requirements of citizens of different social levels. Such tests can detect the presence of pregnancy already 10 days after conception. But even according to the testimony of tests, one can not judge the accuracy of the result, because only a gynecologist can make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, to ensure a more reliable result, you should do the test early in the morning, and it is best to do at least 3 tests at once.

Every woman should understand that a specialistcan determine the presence of pregnancy at a period exceeding 3 weeks. It is at this time that ultrasound and a blood test are performed, on the basis of which confirmation of the results is carried out. At a period of up to 3 weeks, the doctor can check: whether there are indirect signs of pregnancy on the first day of delay, for example, changes in the color of the vagina and cervix.

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