Tray for cats. Which is better and how to choose it?

So, in your house settled cat - fluffymustachioed miracle. And you have greatly increased the hassle. But this living creature will give so much joy that all cares will go to the background. However, in order to make the life of the animal in your home possible and comfortable, you will need some accessories. These include: a tray for cats, bowls for food and water, nails and places for sleep and rest. Of course, the kitten will need toys, and adult pussies do not disdain them and with pleasure indulge. How to choose the object necessary for the pet's training to the toilet? First you need to understand what they are in general.

cat tray
Standard and popular option - the usualopen plastic container. Various fillers are placed in it, and some owners even keep such a tray empty. It is simply washed after each use by the animal. In any case, with or without filler, such a cat tray has the following advantages: cheapness, simplicity of construction, ease of purchase in any pet store.

Undoubtedly, its disadvantage is thatthe animal spreads the filler, since even the tallest walls still do not cover the sides sufficiently. If the filler is not used, then this minus, of course, not, but here there is another problem - the smell. It is almost impossible to destroy it. When spreading a cat filler, many owners use an accessory with high and bent inside boards or a closed house tray. The latter is great for shy animals.

cat trays
A closed cat tray may also have the additional function of facilitating the cleaning of feline excrement.
semi-automatic tray
Similar trays, probably, it is possible to namesemi-automatic. Completely they will not do all the work for you, but they will not let them dig in their bowels in search of unappetizing lumps. Cleaning of waste in a tray of this type is carried out by turning it over, resulting in waste of life accumulating in a special container inside. From there they are easily extracted and discarded. Note that the filler in them must be clumping, this is a necessary condition for their work. They are slightly more expensive than usual, but are convenient for a cat, save time and certainly much more hygienic and aesthetic.

automatic toilet for cats
Such cat trays, like biotoilets, aremodern and very comfortable accessories. They are intended for those owners who for a long time leave the house or simply do not have the desire to dig into the tray. Externally, they are similar to the previous version, but can boast of additional devices and functions, such as neutralizing the smell of napkins and carbon filters. Automatic toilet for cats, depending on the complexity of the model, in addition to mechanical excrement, offers also self-washing with water and treatment with disinfectants. These devices require connection to a water main and an electrical network and are quite expensive. But in this case, the owner's assistance in cleaning up the cat's waste is not needed at all.

Select a tray for cats is not so difficult. You need to focus on your lifestyle, desire, budget, the characteristics of the apartment and the degree of involvement in the cleaning process. Of course, do not forget about the features of your pet: the breed, size, nature and toilet habits.

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