Women's holidays. What are women's holidays, except March 8?

It so happened that some days off in our country it is customary to divide not only into state or religious, but also to male and female holidays.

How to relate to this fact - the choice of everyone,nevertheless, in spite of everything, it has a place to be. Agree, we can not but congratulate our dear grandfathers, husbands, sons and grandsons on February 23, but on March 8 - a women's holiday, when presents and flowers are presented to the beautiful half of humanity.

Do you want to impress the surrounding ladies with your erudition or surprise with the originality of the gift on the day, generally considered the most common in our country? Then read the materials in this article.

We want the reader to learn that the Internationala woman's holiday can be celebrated not once a year. Why? The thing is that if you want to make a surprise daughter in the Japanese Girls' Day, congratulate your grandmother with the British or give a modest bouquet to a woman at the counter for a certain, this time the Guinean calendar of solemn events. Well, as they say, there would be an occasion.

Section 1. Women's holidays of the planet. general information

women's holidays

To date, it is known that in almost allcountries of the world have at least one special day in the year, dedicated only to women, i.e. our adored grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters. This fact can not but rejoice. Although, of course, each of these days has its own traditions and is celebrated independently of others like him.

In our country, the main women's holiday is,of course, on 8 March. Although, unfortunately, not everyone knows that it is celebrated not only in our state, and even the most well-read Russian will now remember the history of his emergence.

Section 2. Eighth of March - a permanent women's holiday

Deep into the history, we learn that initially thisthe festive date was established to establish some kind of equality between women and men. However, over time people, customs and traditions changed, which means it is not surprising that the women's day, the holiday of March 8, acquired new colors and meanings. Now in the very beginning of spring we celebrate not only the coming of the most beautiful time of the year, but also a holiday of attention and tenderness to the woman, her beauty and spiritual wisdom.

Historically, it was so. At the 2 nd International Conference of Women working in various branches of industry and science, in 1910 Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democrats, proposed to mark in all countries the same occasion, namely the women's day, March 8.

There is an opinion that the prerequisite was a "March of empty pots", arranged by New York textile workers in 1857 on this particular day.

The United Nations officially established the holiday only in 1975.

Ever since March 8 (International Women'sholiday) has forever become the date of all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, personifying the decades of women's struggle for equality, development, justice and peace.

Section 3. Girls' Day in Japan

women's holiday

In the Land of the Rising Sun, a woman's day is a holiday that falls on the third day of the third month.

And this choice is not accidental, because it is then marked the beginning of the flowering of peaches or, as it is called, a real holiday for girls.

Many traditions are associated with it. Young girls on this day wear very beautiful and elegant kimonos, decorations and go on a visit to tea, thereby learning etiquette, conducting conversation, concepts of femininity and grooming.

Section 4. Mother's Day in America

women's day holiday

Several decades ago in the USa public activist named J. Ward offered to celebrate the Mother's Day in the fifth month of the year in the struggle for peace. True, her initiative did not receive the necessary support, but the later proposal of the teacher A. Jarvins to celebrate Mother's Day was approved and accepted with great pleasure.

The holiday was officially established and is scheduled for the first Saturday of May of each year.

Section 5. Guinean Market Mom's Day

International Women's Day

As we have already seen, women's holidays are very diverse, both in nature, and in time and tradition.

And this is another confirmation of this. Women's day in Guinea is celebrated almost at the very end of summer, namely on August 27.

He was founded in honor of the riot saleswoman and calledquite unexpectedly - the Day of market mummies. Why is that? The thing is that it was on August 27, 1977, that the female saleswomen mutinied and protested against the increase in prices.

Section 6. Grandmother's Day

March, 8th female holiday

In France, in March of each year, a very warm and endlessly kind family holiday is celebrated, which eventually acquired the status of a national holiday.

This is Grandmother's Day. All the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who have already managed to get such an honorable status, are dressed up this day, put on their best dresses and decorations and wait for their relatives to visit. Solemn events can occur at home in a close family circle, and in a cozy cafe, a nearby bar or even a luxury restaurant. The choice is for the culprits of the holiday itself.

In the evening, they prefer to drink liquor in the companygirlfriends, gossiping, having fun and listening to your favorite music. Sometimes such events end with dances and festive fireworks arranged by caring grandchildren.

By the way, it should be noted that in the French shops and travel agencies for the Day of Grandma women, who already have 55 years or more, are given huge discounts.

Section 7. Festival of Ginaicocracy in Greece

women's day holiday March 8

March 8 is a women's holiday, habitually celebrated inRussia, but the charming inhabitants of the southern coast of the Mediterranean enjoy this event two months earlier, namely on January 8. In Greece, this is a whole festival called Ginaikratia.

A special honor is given to the oldest woman present. The festival is held in two settlements of Nea Petra and Monoclesia, where at this time from all over the country dressed beauties come.

Strong people of this world, according to tradition, are cleaned this day, they are groveling and looking after children, and all cafes and bars are filled only by women.

By the way, we note one funny feature. If drunk women on January 8 see a man on the street, it is usually poured cold water, despite the fact that the yard is winter.

Section 8. Interesting and unusual facts

March 8 - International Women's Day

Women's holidays of the world are very diverse, we aretry to talk about the most original. For example, one of them comes in Germany. It starts on the eleventh of November at 11.11 clock. Women begin to storm the buildings of local authorities, thereby, as it were, asserting their authority.

The beautiful half of humanity does everything thatwants, and the favorite occupation of women on this day was the cutting off of ties to his superiors. And this is not all. Ladies on this day can stop cars right on the road, paint the men's lips and do everything to make the life of the strong half much harder at least for a day. In response to these pranks, men can only laugh.

In Japan, parents should give their daughtersdolls. These toys subsequently serve as amulets for girls, allegedly taking on all the diseases and troubles that can happen to girls. By the way, these dolls are not allowed to keep in sight and you need to hide them immediately after the holiday. The Japanese belief says that if a girl does not take her doll for a long time, then she is a bad housewife, and she will not marry for a very long time.

In France, the power of women, unmarried,comes on November 25. On this day, the French celebrate the so-called Day of All the Unmarried. Previously, St. Catherine was considered the patroness of the girls in France, and the ladies were to decorate her statues that day, putting on their lovely hats. Now multi-colored hats are worn by unmarried French women themselves, thereby giving a sign that they are still free.

The country where the greatest quantity is celebratedwomen's days, is the United States. They celebrate Women's Day, the Day of American Ladies engaged in business, the Day of the Sister and, of course, the Mother's Day that has already taken hold of us.

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