The most important signs for Christmas

From time immemorial, humanity transfers to the heritagetheir descendants all kinds of beliefs and customs. One of the most important holidays of Christians - the Nativity of Christ - is not overlooked, as it is from this day that the Christmas Eve begins, folk festivals are held everywhere, and the old Russian dull old days are blowing. And in order not to harm yourself and your family, it was worth doing all that was attributed to the signs for Christmas.

On the eve of the holiday, on Christmas Eveit was necessary to finish all household affairs "up to the first star," which is a kind of "signal" that it's time to sit at a table that was supposed to consist of necessarily twelve fasting dishes. By the way, on this day, nothing was eaten - a strict fast was observed until the evening. Prepared dressed elegantly, but in no case, not black clothes - on a bright feast of the Epiphany the Lord was not worthy to wear mourning clothes.

Orthodox Christians spent the night beforeChristmas in the Temple for prayers. Previously, cleanly cleaned the house, cleaned silverware, kitchen utensils, as required by the signs for Christmas. Long traditionally, the house was decorated with spruce with a predominance of Christmas colors in red and green colors. Inherent attributes were always: the star of Bethlehem, a nursery with a baby, angels, figures of various animals. In addition, everywhere were placed Christmas bouquets, the Catholics decided to hang on the gates and doors decorated Christmas wreaths from coniferous branches and straw to this day. An indispensable condition in the decoration of the dwelling is the abundance of candles that give a special charm to the holiday, symbolizing the light of Christ.

The ability to note and compare is a feature of observant people.

• Signs before Christmas suggest that a blizzard on the eve of the holiday prophesies early foliage.
• Christmas is strictly forbidden to girls to guess, but it is allowed to do this the next day and until the Epiphany.
• As usual, special festive rugs with blue flowers on a white field were lined in the upper room.
• It was necessary to all without an exception to step on the market and make purchases, not regretting rubles.
• Signs for Christmas are recommended duringdo not drink water at all! Thus, it turns out, you can avoid the case throughout the year when you want to drink, but there is no water ...
• It is necessary to postpone all economic affairs, moreover, the mistresses in olden times did not break the floor until the very day of the Baptism, after which all the rubbish was swept away and burned, symbolizing purification.
• Hoarfrost on trees in the first days of celebration meant a future good harvest of bread.
• And since Christmas is warm, it's cold to be spring.
• A snowstorm on Christmas Day also means that bees will swarm well.
• The sky in bright stars - to the harvest of peas.
• In addition, signs and customs at Christmas forbid the hunting of animals and birds for the Svyato-kut season, supposedly this could cause misfortune with the hunter.
• During the whole day, guests should be invited to visit themselves.
• It is believed that if you sew on Christmas - someone in the family must be blinded.

The custom of caroling was very popular, whena group of guys and girls went to their homes, they sang Christmas carols and begged for money and food from the owners, wishing them in return in a joking manner with jokes - prosperity, health and long life. Signs for Christmas are advised to gather on the eve of the holiday in the parents' house, so that the family is friendly and rich. Lenten "evening" on Christmas Eve is replaced on January 7 on Christmas Day with an abundance of raznosolov, meat and fish dishes, tables must break from a variety of dishes, as is typical of the broad Russian nature, the fast is over - it's time to break fast.

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