Congratulations to my mother on her anniversary

Mom - the closest and dearest person in lifeeach of us, because in the world there is nothing more important than her caress and love. The history of the relationship between a child and his mother is a story of happiness, care and pride, and their relationship begins long before they meet for the first time.

What to give to the person that gave youa life? Only your caress, love and sincere feelings. But if you want your mother's birthday congratulations to be special, prepare a real surprise for her!

Birthday is a great occasiondemonstrate all their creative abilities and skills. Thinking over congratulations for your mother on the anniversary, try not just to spend money on a trinket, but to come up with a gift and words yourself. Remember how your mother liked your applications and homemade cards. Will she again experience these emotions from the presented frying pan? Even if you see the joy on her face, do not be sure that she is sincere. Although, Mom - this is the person who will rejoice at any of your signs of attention, whether it is a compliment or a trip abroad by the whole family.

Preparing congratulations to my mother on her birthday, beoriginal and frank. In fact, to invent your own poem is not so difficult, whether it's a small quatrain or an entire poem. The main thing is that it should be written with a heart and soul. Poems can be both comic and humorous. If you have special talents, then congratulations for the mother with the anniversary can be written in the form of a song. Reflect in it all the love and sincere feelings for your very own person. Certainly, poems and songs for mom can be found on the Internet, but will this be a good gift?

Congratulations to my mother on her anniversary in prose:

"Beloved, my dear mother! In this wonderful holiday, all the gifts, flowers, kisses and hugs just for you! May happiness and luck remain your reliable companions for many years to come. Let all your cherished dreams come true, and there will always be close and close people nearby, happiness without which it is unthinkable! "

For those mothers who do not like verbosity and do notsuffers flattery, suit and sms-congratulation. Morning smska with warm words on your birthday will give your mother a positive and a good mood for the whole day, but do not limit yourself to it. No message, or even a letter, will replace the phrases spoken in the eyes. Any of us has a lot of attention, especially on your birthday, but in what way the sign of attention will be given is important.

When children have already grown up, they sometimes involuntarilypush their parents to the background, forgetting to call or visit again. Remember that at any age your loved ones are important and expensive attention to them. Let the festive evening, tripled for the mother on her birthday - be a wonderful surprise.

Preparing the concept of the evening, consider all the wishesmother and dear mother. It can be like a cruise on a ship, or traveling to nature by a friendly and noisy company. If you are an adherent of traditions, then stay at home or at the cottage and organize a congratulation to your mother on the anniversary exactly there. Prepare a gala dinner, invite guests and decorate the house for their arrival. It is important to remember that your mother on this day should not help you with the au pair, because this is her feast, therefore, her duty to rest and receive congratulations from friends and relatives.

Of course, you can surprise your mother by inviting herin a restaurant or giving a ticket to a resort or a sanatorium. May this be your original congratulation to your mother on her anniversary. Remember where she wanted to spend the last few years, but she could not afford it because of any circumstances. Your task: settle all the problems and provide your mom a great holiday alone or in your company.

Whatever congratulations to my mother on the anniversary,the main thing is that it should be sincere and interesting. Try to make this day the most wonderful and fun, protect your native person from all troubles and adversities. Appreciate and love your parents, do not forget about them ever.

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