We answer the question: "What is the number of Ivan Kupala"?

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In our time, the ancientpagan holidays. Question: "What is the number of Ivan Kupala?" - Ask those who wish to get to know the cultural heritage of the Slavic peoples. This holiday was dedicated to the Sun, Fire and was held at the height of mowing. Rituals on this day personified the strength and flowering of nature, and also drew people's attention to the mystery and beauty of the surrounding world. On a festive night, everyone swam in the nearest ponds and jumped through the big and small fires, thereby passing the rite of purification.

What is the date of Ivan Kupala

Before the change of the temporary style, the date of thisthe holiday coincided with the date of the summer solstice and was celebrated in the period from June 20 to 22. With the arrival of Christianity, the answer to the question: "What is the date of Ivan Kupala?" Has undergone changes. This holiday was timed to the date of the birth of John the Baptist and began to celebrate on June 24. After changing the style of the calendar, the day of John the Baptist moved to July. Today on the question: "What is the number of Ivan Kupala?" You can give an unambiguous answer - July 7. Although many believe that this holiday should be celebrated not by day, but by night. By the way, many traditions associated with this date can be realized only in the dark. Therefore, this holiday is one of the most mysterious and mysterious.

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Traditional rituals

On this day, animals and plants were attributedunique properties, it was believed that trees can move and talk, and animals - to help people. Many nations had quite free morals on this holiday, traditional moral prohibitions were being lifted. A lot of rituals and divination is connected with this day.

- The flowering fern is the most famousan attribute of the bathing night. A large number of legends are associated with it. The most common is that anyone who finds a scarlet flower of a fern will be able to understand the language of animals, and will also gain magical power. People have always been thrilled with this unusual plant because it grows in dark and waterlogged places. Botanists can not agree with the fact that the fern blooms, but this did not affect the belief in people that such a flower exists.

- Enamored men and women nudged in the grass and washed themselves with dew. Such a ritual was to bewitch a dear man's heart and contribute to the fertility of a woman.

- It was believed that all the herbs on this night are filled with magical power, so they were kept all year round and used as amulets.

- On this day lovers could conclude theirunion and without a parental blessing. To create a solid family, many couples specially waited for the day of Ivan Kupala. What number now now to conclude such an indestructible union, many are unclear.

- On this magical night it was impossible to go to bed, as the "evil spirit" was very active, and the sleeping person could become an easy prey for the dark forces.

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Maybe it's because of the fact that this holidayis the most mysterious and mysterious, and many want to know about what day is Ivan Kupala? And, despite the fact that few people recognize the effectiveness of ancient rituals, it becomes more and more bathing and jumping through the fires - this very night.

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