Whether there are monthly at pregnancy

A woman during the bearing of a child becomesshe is constantly worried about the state of the future baby, because everything that worries her during this period is the health and well-being of an unborn yet such a beloved child. Often you have to hear about situations when the menstrual cycle continued after conception. But whether there are monthly at pregnancy actually, and how much or as far as they are dangerous?

Within a month a special environment is created in the uterus,providing the development of the embryo. If conception does not occur, then the rejection of this shell occurs and all excess is excreted from the body in the form of bloody discharge. How does it explain the fact that during pregnancy there are monthly? It begs the answer that this can not be. And rightly, in fact, sometimes during pregnancy, you can observe spotting, but this is a completely different process, not associated with menstruation. This process is commonly called uterine bleeding.

If a woman is seriously puzzled by the question, there arewhether monthly at pregnancy, it is possible to give the concrete answer. Bloody discharge is observed in some cases. And the causes of uterine bleeding may be various pathologies that threaten the further development of the fetus, and completely safe. For example, when the embryo is implanted into the uterus, there may appear scanty periods. And pregnancy in this case may not yet manifest, and the woman perceives bleeding, as monthly, which simply started off on schedule. It does not represent any threats to the development of the fetus.

Since in the body of a woman immediately afterconception there is a serious hormonal reorganization, then on this background bleeding of the uterus can begin. As a rule, it is similar in all characters to menstruation. Then the woman and can be puzzled by a problem, whether there are monthly at pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, since a process of this nature does not threaten the normal development of the fetus. Exceptions are only cases where bleeding is accompanied by severe pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen or when there are certain problems associated with the disease of the female reproductive system. Monthly can appear after the conception of the child, at the earliest time, when the placenta has not produced enough hormones, that is, hormonal changes in the body in the initial stage.

At the same time, uterine bleeding cantestify to the threat of miscarriage, that is, spontaneous termination of pregnancy. Often a woman does not have the level of qualification that would allow her to determine for herself how dangerous this or that type of bleeding is. Such an unpleasant situation can serve as a bell about the need for consultation with a doctor. After all, only a specialist is able to answer the question, whether there are monthly during pregnancy, and precisely to determine whether there is a threat to the future of the baby.

There are situations when pregnancy for a woman -this is a pleasant surprise, thanks to which other unpleasant surprises have also appeared. It is known that due to colossal hormonal changes in the course of pregnancy all those diseases that have not been detected before begin to be activated. That is why doctors recommend still to plan children and undergo a thorough examination before the moment of conception. For example, the erosive cervix of the uterus could be damaged in the process of sexual intercourse, which leads to the appearance of bleeding. The presence of infectious diseases also causes ectopic bleeding. All this, of course, can not but affect the development of the embryo.

As practice shows, most bleedingindicates a threat of miscarriage. This is very dangerous, so you should immediately contact a specialist who will do everything possible to keep the pregnancy and a new baby born.

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