Baby stroller Noordi: models, reviews, prices

Stylish and reliable baby carriages fromNorwegian brand Noordi appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but already managed to find and win its buyer. They are comfortable for the baby and convenient for the mother and easily meet all the requirements.

Review of popular models of strollers

Noordi is constantly improving itsrange. Some strollers that were produced earlier have already been discontinued and replaced by more modern and reliable models. To date, the Norwegian brand Noordi offers its customers children's vehicles from the following series:

  • Arctic;
  • Sun;
  • Polaris;
  • Polaris Sport.

Each of the presented series deserves special attention.

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Noordi Arctic baby carriage - low-keyclassics in modern execution. This model is 3 in 1, consisting of a cradle with a coconut mattress inside, a spacious walking unit and a comfortable car seat. This wheelchair uses a classic chassis type Classic or Sport with swivel wheels. The main advantages of the first will be appreciated by the mother and the child. Due to large wheels, the stroller remains maneuverable even in the snow, good damping ensures a healthy sleep of the baby for a walk, even if the road is far from ideal.

For those who are more inclined to not restrained, but,on the contrary, bright colors, like the Noordi 3 stroller in 1 Sun series. It, just like the previous model, is equipped with a cradle (from 0 to 6 months), a walking block (up to 3 years) and an auto seat with ISOFIX fastening (up to 12 months). If desired, you can purchase additional accessories: a mosquito net, a raincoat, a bag or a cup holder.

Those parents who really chooseA reliable model, you should pay attention to the stroller Polaris. It can be equipped with only a cradle and a walking block (2 in 1) or an additional car seat (3 in 1). The model is represented by a wide assortment of colors.

For a child who has reached six months of age,the perfect option - a stroller 2 in 1 Noordi Polaris Sport. It includes a car seat and a walking block. It is a stylish and maneuverable stroller. It has a relatively small weight, easily and compactly folds and is equipped with all the elements necessary for child safety.

Making the final choice in favor of the strollerNoordi, the buyer must decide what chassis he wants to see from his model - Classic or Sport. Thus, the manufacturer offers him a unique opportunity to independently equip a vehicle for his child.

Functional advantages of Noordi stroller

All wheelchair models from the Noordi manufacturer have a number of important characteristics that favorably present the company presented to other brands.

stroller noordi 3 in 1

  • Two variants of the chassis: Classic and Sport.
  • Inflatable or soft tubeless wheels.
  • Good depreciation.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Five-point seat belts.
  • Convenient handle for carrying cradles.
  • Special impregnation of the fabric.
  • Swing of the cradle.
  • Quick adjustment of the backrest.
  • Possibility to complete your stroller yourself.

Strolls Noordi: customer reviews

Those parents who are just going to buyone of the strollers from Noordi's lineup, should take into account in their choice the comments of real buyers. Their feedback confirms the excellent quality and reliability of the proposed children's vehicles. Noordi strollers like them for what:

  • they seem to be specially designed for snowy winter and Russian roads, they are comfortable for walking a baby, they are convenient for controlling a mother;
  • have relatively low weight, lungs;
  • they have a stylish and modern design, a capacious shopping basket and reliable protection from rain;
  • The stroller is maneuverable, it is easy to operate and you can change the position of the handle.

stroller noordi reviews
Among the negative reviews, it can be noted:

  • insufficiently promoted brand;
  • high price.

How much does the Noordi stroller cost to customers?

Prices of strollers

First, you need to determine the type of chassis.The same model in the performance of Classic or Sport will cost differently. The same applies to the complete set: the prices for Noordi strollers with a car seat are always higher.

To date, the Arctic wheelchair on the chassisClassic costs about 35 thousand rubles per cradle and a walking block. The price for the complete set is 41 thousand rubles. But the same stroller on the chassis Sport is already more expensive: 37 thousand rubles (2 in 1) and 43 thousand rubles (3 in 1).

stroller 2 in 1 noordi
The most budgetary model of the manufacturer Noordi Sun costs 33-35 thousand rubles for a complete set. A stroller without a car seat will cost 28-30 thousand rubles.

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