German Rex - the standard of elegance

The elegance of the German Rex breed is highlightedits a rarity. Currently, such domestic predators are not too common, but cat lovers know them well. A benevolent disposition, a love of cleanliness and order, earned them the glory of the coveted friends for pedants.

History of the breed

Ancestor of the line German Rex, descriptionwhose breeds became the starting point in the history of these animals, appeared in East Prussia in the 1930s. Munch was born from crossing the Angora and Russian blue. Local residents are very fond of the short curly fur Munch, he was often photographed, but did not try to breed purposefully. And only in the fifties, when the granddaughter of this cat came to Berlin, the breeders came up with the idea of ​​creating a new breed. And by 1983, a new breed of cats - the German Rex, was completely removed, which lacked fleece hair and only curly hair remained.

german rex


At the moment, the standard is: musculature should be well developed, the body strong. The size of cats is German medium, they have compact shapes. The tail at the end is much thinner than at the base. The wool on it can be straight. Head round, cheeks and nose strong. The nose at the base has a small depression. The neck is strong and dense.

The tips of the ears are rounded, the inner part without wool. Eyes round, widely planted. The color can be anything, the main thing is that it is clean and saturated. The whiskers are short and curly.

The color of the animal's pile can be any. The main condition is softness and density. The complete absence of the outer hair makes the coat velvety.

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Each representative of the German-Rex breed hasa unique character. However, cats have some qualities that unite all descendants of Munch. These are funny sociable creatures, loving order. Having lived in the family for a while, the cats are completely subordinated to the daily routine, accustoming to wait from work or from school all members of the "pack".

The freedom-loving nature of the Rex does not allow themconsider themselves subordinate, so they regard the owners, rather, as friends, and not as owners. Cats know perfectly well what they buy toys for, after the game they can independently collect them in a box or in their corner, protecting them from other pets. A happy cat of this breed is optimistic, active, cheerful.

Bathing and grooming

Animals breeds German rex, photo of whichattached to the article, very easily accustomed to bathing. Before bath procedures, the ears should be protected with cotton wool or bandage lumps. The ingress of water into the ear canals can lead to severe otitis media.

Bathe the animal in the bath or the pelvis at a water temperature of 38-400 C with special shampoos for short hair. To wash off foam it is necessary carefully, not less than four times.

german rex description of breed

It is not difficult to take care of animals of this breed, as they are quite clean and cultured by nature.

  • In the process of contamination, it is necessary to clean the ears with cotton buds. Sometimes you can use petroleum jelly.
  • If there are insignificant accumulations in the cat's eyes, they can be removed with a napkin. Suppuration should be treated by a doctor.
  • Claws are sheared with a pruner. If you can not do this yourself, experts in the animal salon will do it quickly and painlessly.
  • The teeth must be cleaned weekly. Otherwise, the cat can begin urolithiasis, which is an unpleasant ailment. Brush your teeth with a child's soft brush. To cleanse the mouth make sweeping movements.
  • Wool combing is not necessary. To remove the fallen hairs, just simply wash the cat or several times with a soft brush on the skins.

german rex


The German rex is a cat, whose photo is oftendecorate the catalogs of rocks, pages of thematic sites and so on. To the cat looked perfect and could boast of excellent health, its nutrition should be varied and balanced.

It makes little difference whether to feed home food orgive canned and dry food, no. But any food should include useful for cats and minerals. You can give only fresh food or premium food. Vitamins are added only in case the cat eats home food. When feeding with dry or canned ready-made feeds, you can do without additives.

Under any dietary regime, the cat should have constant access to clean water. The dishes are better to buy metal, ceramic or glass.

Where can I buy?

Since this breed is still quite rare,the cost of the kitten is very high. Depending on the titles of parents for a kitten will be asked from 150 to 650 dollars. If you take a specimen for exhibitions and breeding, you should not regret money. If you buy a cute animal, you can take the animal cheaper.

On the avian market it is not necessary to go for a good animal- the risk of getting mongrel and sick is too high. You need to buy a kitten in a nursery or a breeder. Any home predator must have a veterinary passport with vaccination marks and a breed certificate that will be exchanged for a pedigree.

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Since animals of this breed, especially kittens,do not have a thick coat, in winter they need to provide a warm home. It does not matter if it's a soft litter or a big lock. The main thing is that the cat in it is protected from drafts and cold.

Whatever it was, the breed of cats German Rex is famous for its selfless friendship, the willingness to always be around. If you acquire such a pet, you will never regret it!

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