Day of Russia is the most controversial holiday in the calendar

June 12 Russia celebrates one of the most incomprehensible of its holidays - Russia Day. For most people, this day is associatedOnly with an extra day off, where you can relax from work and spend time at your favorite country house. For some, this day is a symbol of Russian statehood, and he is honored by them as a patriotic holiday. However, another, quite numerous, a group of people literally hate June 12 the day of Russia, and stands for the transfer of the holiday or for its abolition. What could anger people with a holiday with such a seemingly patriotic name?

To answer this question you need to look a bitin history and see what happened in our country on this day. According to the official version on this day, the state was formed the Russian Federation. However, if you look at his education a little more detailed, you can easily notice that there was really no education, since Russia was perfectly existing within the framework of the Soviet Union, collapsed by Yeltsin and Gorbachev. The Day of Russia is also called the Independence Day. However, we received independence from whom? From the Soviet invaders? It sounds absurd, because Russia was the main driving force in the Soviet Union.

Thus, there is an obvious substitutionconcepts. Instead of celebrating a significant day in Russian history, we celebrate the disintegration of a powerful state, on whose traditions more than one generation of Russian people has grown up. Of course, the Soviet Union can be treated differently, and there are a lot of people who would not like life under Soviet rule, but this does not give grounds for substituting concepts and denoting the day of the beginning of political and economic chaos in the country, great in Russian history.

For example, the day of the October Revolution, activelynoted in the USSR, was called openly and understood. People who celebrated and still celebrate it, are well aware that they celebrate the day of the fall of the Russian Empire and the arrival of the borshevik people to power. While the day of Russia claims some kind of patriotism and unity of Russian citizens around the national values, while not all citizens were happy about the coming to power of liberals. By the way, the name "Liberal Day" would be more suitable for this holiday.

There are several other facts related to this holiday. So, on the day when we celebrate the day of Russia, Boris Yeltsin came to power in the country, whosethe government left an unpleasant sludge in the hearts of most Russians, and it is unlikely that now there will be many people ready to celebrate Yeltsin's coming to power. In addition, this day is the birthday of Bush Sr.. Of course, this can be a simple coincidence, but still do not really want instead of a patriotic holiday, celebrate the birthday of a dubious US president.

Celebrate the national patriotic holiday,Of course, it is necessary. It is only necessary to change it and, now, the tarnished name. Really in our history there were few glorious pages and legendary victories? Is it really difficult to choose at least one memorizing event and announce this day as a holiday? We need a day so that people do not ask why the day of Russia on June 12 and they did not meet him with only one thought of a free weekend, but felt that day a sense of pride for their country.

Almost every country in the world has its ownnational day, the day of gaining state independence or the adoption of a constitution by the state. It's good when people remember the glorious pages in the history of their country. But only in Russia this holiday is celebrated on such an ambiguous date, which, except for the oligarchs, can not arouse anybody's joy. Well, maybe the situation will someday change for the better.

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