In the family of replenishment? Newborn kittens require special care.

Each cat has a veryindividually. As a rule, the animal does not need obstetric care from the person. However, there are cases when the mother is experiencing difficulty in lactating. The first kitten in a cat appears no later than an hour after the onset of labor. The interval between the birth of each succeeding baby should also not exceed this time.

If the birth is normal, the cat behavesquietly. Therefore, an old mewing should alert you. Only qualified veterinarians can help with childbirth. Perhaps to successfully resolve the burden of your Murke will need surgical intervention.

Kittens are born absolutely helpless,blind and deaf. The first steps to take care of newborns are carried out by the cat. First, it removes the ancestral shell in which the baby appears in the light, then clears the mouth and nasal holes for it so that the kitten can take the first breath. To top it off, Mom chews at the umbilical cord, which connects it with the kitten and licks his fur.
Similarly, the cat comes with all of its cubs.

The first feeding occurs only a few hours after birth. Together with the mother's milk, the baby receives a dose of antibodies to strengthen immunity.
If the mother is healthy and feels fine, for you, caring for the newborn kittens at first will reduce to the proper feeding of the cat.

Breastfeeding mother needs a completely differentdiet, rather than the food to which she was accustomed. First of all, the menu requires foods high in calcium: milk, cottage cheese, sour cream. If the cat refuses them, at least add a quarter of the calcium gluconate pill to each serving of food. Calcium is very important for the proper formation of limbs in newborn kittens.
In addition, it is recommended at least once a week to mix the cat with fish oil and gradually add bone meal.

Try to give the cat boiled fish, vegetables andmeat, even if before that, it was fed only by "Whiskas". Eating cat will be at least five times a day. This is completely normal, do not try to limit the animal. Make sure that your lactating mother always has a container of water.

Unfortunately, not always the cat-mom canto feed their young. In this case, the newborn kittens will completely pass to your care. Prepare, at first, to feed the kids every two to three hours. You can use a baby formula for this purpose. This is more convenient than simple milk, because you can always cook the right amount of food and the mixture will not spoil. You do not need to buy an expensive imported one, according to experience, our Russian "Kid" is no worse.

The second question is how to feed the baby. Again, from my experience, I know for sure that a bottle, even a very small one, will not help you. After all, newborn kittens are aimed at sucking food, but not licking it. And the nipple is too big for this. Therefore, the pipette is more useful here. Simply dial into it a mixture for feeding and bring it to the muzzle of the kitten. Do not press the rubber tip at all. So the kid can choke. Feed the kitten until he takes an interest in food.

With the choice of a pose for feeding problems should arise. As a rule, newborn kittens eat lying on the tummy, slightly lifting their muzzle.
A month after birth, the kittens are quite ready forintroduction of meat into the diet. For these purposes, chicken or veal boiled, ground, with the addition of a small amount of broth. However, if you want, you can offer kids and raw meat. Be sure to include cottage cheese in the ration, newborn kittens are in dire need of constant intake of calcium for the correct formation of the bone system. A ready-made feed can be given to a kitten from eight weeks of life.

The owners of the cat from the first minutes of the life of her offspringshould take care that the newborn kittens were conveniently placed in a sufficiently warm place, protected from drafts. In the first two weeks of life, the temperature of their nest should be about 30 degrees, from the third - up to 24 degrees.
To maintain the temperature, it is best to use a hot water bottle with water. Do not put a box of kittens to heaters or near incandescent lamps.
While newborn kittens do not get strong enough,it is better not to bother them without special need. If your pet does not cope with numerous offspring, you can help her feed the kids. All the rest the cat will make itself, obeying the ancient animal instincts.

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