Aviary for a cat: safe walks on the street and a useful accommodation in the apartment

In Russia, the attitude towards cats is special.Most breeders are domestic animals, which can do everything, and in private homes, the tail often walk by themselves and can not appear for weeks at home. The situation is quite different in the United States. In this country, a street cage for a cat is a common thing. Let's try to figure out whether this American experience is useful to us and for what purpose can a large cat's cage be useful?

What for to a cat street aviary?

The most popular variant of housing in the Russiancities - apartment in a block of flats. It is for this reason that many residents of our country prefer to have their own private summer houses for recreation. It is customary to spend all weekend at the dacha, and many families move here for the whole summer. What about pets?

Aviary for a cat

Many owners of cats who live constantly in theflat, worry about their pets. For the first time in nature, a domestic beast can escape and get lost, fight with neighbors' pets or wild animals and face many other problems. Will rescue the cage for the cat - a large cage in which you can walk in the fresh air without any problems. This option is also suitable for the constant keeping of animals in the southern regions of our country. Useful are street and room cages will be for nurseries, veterinary clinics and shelters.

Secrets of choosing a cat's cage

An aviary for a cat is still the realexotic for our country. Most often in large street cages, dogs or farm animals are kept. So, by what rules should you choose / design a cage enclosure? How many animals will be simultaneously on the fenced territory - try not to be mistaken with the size of the cage.

Aviary for cats in the country with their own hands

If the aviary is on the street, the roof is bestfor him to make only half transparent. It's no secret that our tailed friends love to bask in the sun, but the animal should be able to hide in the shade.

We build aviary yourself: useful tips

In fact, an aviary for a cat own handscan be done very quickly, using the most accessible materials. In fact, you only need to fence a section of your garden with a grid and make a roof. However, during construction it is important to take into account a number of important conditions. Prepare morally for the fact that at least the first time, even from the most beautiful and comfortable cage, cats will aspire to get out. If instead of sex your cage is set on the lawn, the net fence should be dug into the ground at least 10 centimeters. Raising the aviary for cats in the country with their own hands, select the materials correctly. For example, the grid must be so shallow that the animal can not stick its paw into it and get stuck. If the area allows, equip the closing vestibule in order to bring and take out the animals without the risk that they will escape.

Home arena or indoor cage for cats

Sometimes it happens in apartment conditionsit is necessary to distinguish a tailed pet from its own territory. Irrigated arenas and indoor cages for kittens are irreplaceable. Choose them should be a very simple principle: the young should not be able to get out.

Aviary for a cat with their own hands

It is also important that the tailed mother has a freeaccess to their offspring, and the owner could clearly see everything that happens inside. An indoor cage for a cat will be useful in some special cases, for example, if the animal has recently undergone surgery and for some time will depart from treatment. Such a thing is also irreplaceable for overexposures, if in the apartment there are temporarily several animals belonging to each other hostilely. Attention: for kittens you can use arenas without a roof, but adults need completely closed cells.

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