Is it worth buying super premium dog food?

From how the pet feeds, dependsnot only his health, but also his mood. Therefore, increasingly, dog breeders get dry food for their pets. But many of them, especially beginners, doubt which is better to choose. On sale now is a variety of animal feed that, not knowing what criteria they differ, it's easy to make a mistake. Having made the wrong choice, you can seriously damage the health of your pet. After all, what fits one dog, can cause allergies in another. Especially carefully you need to approach the choice of food owners of decorative rocks, which are very sensitive and prone to disease. It is best for them to purchase super-premium food for dogs. They are much better in quality. Owners need to understand what kind of feeds are, and not focus on advertising and advice from friends.

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Classes of dog food

Most owners buy food for the pet inthe nearest supermarket, not understanding that there it is of the lowest quality. To see all the classes of feeds, you need to visit a specialized pet store. Only there you can choose the right food for your pet. On which groups can you divide all the dog food? It:

- Economy class;

- everyday food;

- premium class;

- super-premium feed;

- holistic;

- special feed.

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Low-grade food for dogs

1.Economy class - "Chappi" and other less well-known names. This is the most common food that can be found in any supermarket. They are inexpensive and often advertised, so are in high demand. But the quality of these feeds is very low, because they contain a lot of plant fiber, mainly soy, as well as artificial additives and flavors.

2.Feeds of the regular class for daily feeding of dogs are made on the basis of by-products and cereals. This, for example, "Pedigri" or "Heppy Dog." They are also of poor quality, and they are not recommended to feed their dog constantly.

Quality forage

1. Premium class, for example, "Akana" or "Bosch". These foods already contain natural meat and vitamins and amino acids, which the dog needs. They have better digestibility and are suitable for constant nutrition.

2.Dog food super-premium-class are also called elite, because they are made from high quality products. They have a high nutritional and energy value and are well absorbed. The best are "Orien" or "Eucanuba".

3.Recently, a new line of feeds has appeared - the holistic. This, for example, "Grandorf" or "Prodatyur." This is a food of the highest category, made from pure meat with the addition of vegetables and herbs. These foods are hypoallergenic, since they do not contain cereals and are completely digested in dog's oranism, providing it with all the vitamins and necessary minerals.

4.Sometimes special feeds are given, enriched with special additives. This is a food for puppies, pregnant bitches, for show dogs or for sick animals. They are produced by the companies "Royal Canin", "Hills" and "Pro Plan", and they are sold only in specialized stores.

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Why is it better to choose premium food for dogs

Those masters who take care of their healthpets, it is better to buy them quality food. Feeds that are everywhere advertised can be given to the dog only occasionally, they, like fast food for a person, can bring your pet harm. What are the advantages of a premium class? Here's what:

- the basis of such food is always meat, and not by-products;

- only rice, wheat and oats are added from cereals;

- in such feeds there are no artificial flavors and flavor enhancers;

- sometimes an egg is added, as well as various vegetables and fruits;

- these feeds are balanced by the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates and are usually divided into groups according to the age and weight of the dog;

- such food is fully absorbed.

Advantages of high quality feeds

They are considered professional, because whentheir creation takes into account not only the quality of the products and the amount of proteins, but also the composition of the amino acids necessary for the animal's organism. Dog food super-premium class has several features:

- contain not less than 40% of natural meat or fish;

- are developed taking into account not only the age and weight of the dog, but also its breed and the presence of abnormalities in the state of health;

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- from supplements there are only vitamins and trace elements, as well as antioxidants, necessary for the dog's organism, they can contain fatty acids Omega, vitamin E or chondroitin;

- sometimes probiotics are added to such foods for better digestion;

- soy and artificial additives are not allowed.

How to choose the right food

- do not trust advertising and even the inscription on the package "premium", be sure to read the composition;

- you need to pay attention to the price: dog food super-premium class can not be cheap;

- do not buy immediately a large package, if the dog you just showed up, as it will be necessary to choose the type of food that will suit your pet;

- do not also buy food by weight, because you can not accurately determine the period of its validity;

- if you do not know what to choose dog food, the feedback of other owners will help you; you can also consult a veterinarian or a consultant in the store.

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