When does toxicosis begin during pregnancy and how does it manifest?

Most women begin to suspect that they are pregnant because of a delay in menstruation and / or manifestations of toxicosis. The test and visit to the gynecologist confirm or dispel these conjectures.

Women planning to have a baby are usually interested in when toxemia begins during pregnancy and how it manifests itself. Since this is not a very pleasant phenomenon, 80% of future mothers face.

While it is not known for certain why some toxicosis does not exist at all, and in some cases its manifestations are so strong that hospitalization is required. He can even become the cause of miscarriage.

Therefore, when toxemia begins withpregnancy, you should consult an obstetrician-gynecologist, especially if it causes serious anxiety. It is necessary to tell the doctor in detail about his condition and then to follow all recommendations in the future.

Then, when there is a toxicosis during pregnancy, a woman feels the following:

  • sensitivity to smells;
  • weakness and drowsiness;
  • nausea;
  • intolerance to food;
  • irritability;
  • depression and poor health;
  • increased salivation.

Doctors believe that a certain role in the development andThe aggravation of this condition is played by the psychological factor. A woman who learns of her pregnancy experiences not only joy, but also fear and anxiety. Especially if the conception was not planned. In this case, the body produces specific substances that significantly affect the metabolism.

Another factor is the serious changes in thehormonal background, and until 12-16 weeks they occur daily. The body just does not have time to get used to them. In the same period the formation of the placenta, which protects the mother's blood from getting the products of the embryo's vital activity, ends. As a rule, it is by this time that the woman's condition is normalized.

In general, when the toxicosis beginspregnant and passes, is determined by individual characteristics. It is believed that considerable importance has the presence of chronic diseases, especially the stomach and intestines. In addition, the severity and duration of this condition is affected by physical and mental fatigue. Therefore, you need to rest, walk, forget about bad habits, avoid stress, experience, experience more positive emotions, eat right and enjoy the expectation of your baby.

Early toxicosis begins after the fourth week. All that has already been said applies to him. This condition is not the norm and in severe form it can harm the mother and child, but much more terrible than late toxicosis.

Doctors also call it gestosis. For the mother, it is almost not noticeable, so it is not easy to determine when toxemia begins during pregnancy in later terms. Nevertheless, the fruit does not receive the right amount of substances and oxygen. Late toxicosis can begin at 34-36 weeks, and in severe cases already with 20. It manifests itself following symptoms:

  • protein in the urine;
  • edema;
  • increased pressure;
  • a big gain in weight.

Gestosis should be recognized as soon as possible, andstart treatment. In the most severe cases, doctors recommend giving birth regardless of the period. Therefore it is important to visit a gynecologist, as, as a rule, diagnose this condition can only he with regular supervision.

Thus, when the toxicosis beginspregnancy, and also ends and how hard it is, is determined by individual characteristics. It's worse when it comes on later. Early toxicosis can begin with 4 weeks and ends at 12, its severe form requires hospitalization. Gestosis often occurs in the last trimester and poses a serious threat to the fetus and the woman.

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