We treat thrush in the future mother: nystatin during pregnancy

A fairly common female fungal disease is thrush. It is caused by a fungus, which is called "candida." That is why the second name of the disease is candidiasis.

Symptoms of thrush can manifest itself in othersinfectious diseases of women. Therefore, to put an accurate diagnosis will only help the analysis and advice of a gynecologist. You should never engage in self-medication. It is better to trust a specialist.

During pregnancy thrush too, can arise. Like many other infections, it is a serious danger to the future of the baby. In addition, this disease can significantly complicate the course of pregnancy. Therefore at the first signs it is necessary to address to the doctor and to begin prompt treatment. After all, candidiasis is not the best companion of a future mother.

It is worth noting that thrush is not always a disease that is transmitted solely through sexual contact. Often - this is a manifestation that speaks of a weakened immunity in a woman.

During pregnancy there are changes in theorganism. Including, the hormonal background, and the immune system also changes. This becomes a good background for the activation and manifestation of candidiasis. It is necessary to identify and cure it as soon as possible, so as not to harm the future baby. Otherwise, the disease can lead to disastrous results.

There are many drugs that helpget rid of thrush. However, the condition of pregnancy should be considered. During this period, not every medicine is prescribed by a doctor, since the taking of some affects the development of the baby in the womb of the mother. One of the safest means against candidiasis is nystatin, when it is pregnant, doctors often prescribe it.

This drug is an antibiotic that fights against fungal diseases. It is very effective in fighting candidiasis, because it destroys the cells of this fungus and displays them.

There are different forms of this medication. Most often, doctors prescribe candles with nystatin during pregnancy. The thing is that when taking the pills inside, the drug is rather poorly absorbed. In any case, it is safe for the woman and her unborn child. Moreover, the drug is completely eliminated from the body along with feces.

Nystatin is used in pregnancy not onlyat the revealed thrush, but also as a preventive agent. Thus, the doctor can prescribe this medicine if there are any suspicions and predisposition to the appearance of candidiasis.

The only contraindication to usethis drug is hypersensitivity to it. On average, the course of treatment will take about two weeks. A woman should apply nystatin suppositories during pregnancy twice a day. The procedure is carried out in the morning and evening.

If nystatin is prescribed for the first time in pregnancy,you need to carefully follow the reaction of the body. Allergies may occur. In this case, you should again consult a doctor to consider the option of another drug to fight candidiasis.

There are other side effects if a woman takes nystatin during pregnancy. Among them, nausea, which sometimes can reach vomiting. Rarely, but diarrhea may occur.

It is worth noting that nystatin is absorbed intothe body in small quantities. That's why he does not harm the future baby. However, it benefits the mother, who has thrush. True, it is still unknown whether the drug is allocated together with the mother's milk during lactation. In this case, it is best to continue treatment, but stop breastfeeding. Then my mother will be well, and this will not affect the baby.

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