Small German Spitz: features of the breed

Today we will talk about a small German spitz. We will find out what this dog looks like, what her character is like. Tell you how to properly contain and feed it. So, let's begin…

Small German Spitz: Standard of the breed

Now describe in detail a representative of this species. In a nutshell, it can be said that a small spitz is a beautiful square dog with a fox-shaped pointed face and standing neat little ears. The representative of the breed attains full splendor in the third year of life and retains it for up to twelve years.

small german spitz

What does a small German Spitz look like? The breed standard implies an excellent animal shape. His stomach is slightly pulled up, the thorax is deep. Neck of medium length, back straight, short, well expressed withers. The tail is high.

This dog has a medium-length wedge-shaped headform. A smooth transition from muzzle to forehead is well expressed. The nose of the spitz is black, the lips and eyelids of the same color. Muzzle is not too long. Eyes dark. Wool is almost all over the body lush, thick and long. Ears are triangular in shape, small, close to each other.

Color, weight and height at withers

What color is a German spitz small? White, blue, cream and piebald. You can also meet a golden-orange representative of the breed.

The height at the withers of such a dog ranges from twenty-three to twenty-eight centimeters, weighing an average of five to six kilograms.

Nature of the breed

small German pomeranian standard

A small German spitz is an active, sociable,resolute and cheerful dog. He likes walks and games. Such a dog perfectly adapts to different circumstances. The animal quickly gets used to the new place. Can be adjusted to the rhythm of the owner's life. By the nature of the Spitz is calm. He will be active with young people, and calm with the elderly. This breed can be considered universal, it is suitable for almost all people.

small german spitz puppies

Such a dog is devoted, self-sufficient and intelligent. He likes to bark. Undoubtedly, not everyone will like the yapping little German spitz. Puppies of this breed can also be jealous. Therefore, all the whims, aggressiveness and constant barking must be stopped. Only this way you can raise a good dog.

Growing this dog, you need to exercise firmness,methodical and persevering. The owner of the Spitz should always maintain his confidence and leadership position. Rudeness and aggressiveness in the education of such a dog are unacceptable. These dogs are trained very well, with proper training demonstrate excellent obedience.

You need to start learning a Spitz from the age of five months. The key to the happy life of this dog and the owner is the upbringing of the animal.

Spitz is not aggressive, bold, and scare such a dognot easy. Undoubtedly, the size does not allow a representative of this breed to bring fear to the robber or other enemy, but the dog is a "good bell", he can notify the owners of the danger.

Due to the fact that such dogs are not controversial, theycan get on with other pets, even the same sex as the Spitz himself. Children get along fine, but if the child does not have the skills to communicate with animals, then it's worth watching his fun.

Dog Care

german spitz small white

Care for these dogs is not particularly complicated. You need to comb the spitz several times a week, using a massage brush. During molting, it is necessary to do this procedure even more often (three to four times). Claws also need to be trimmed as they grow. It is necessary especially to follow this, since the overgrown claws can lead to many problems with the paws. It is necessary to examine once a week the ears, teeth and eyes of the animal. If you notice that they are dirty, clean them using a cotton swab. Teeth can be cleaned by applying a toothbrush and a special paste.

Batting Spitz is necessary as necessary, because the wool of the representative of the breed is practically not spoiled and has no unpleasant smell.

A small German spitz, like all dogs, needsin walks in the fresh air. The duration should be from twenty minutes to one hour. Although for a longer walk the pet will be grateful to you, since the representatives of this breed are very inquisitive. You can teach the Spitz to walk into the toilet. Then in bad weather the dog can be left at home.

Feeding the pet

Adult dogs should be fed twice a day. You can use professional super-premium food. If desired, naturalka can also be fed. But in this case, you need to carefully consider the diet. Certainly, that such a dog needs to be given vitamins. Which are better? In this matter it is better to consult a veterinarian.

Health representatives of this breed

german spitz small price

If we talk about health, then in such dogs itgood enough. Serious hereditary diseases in these dogs do not, but a small German spitz is susceptible to allergies. If properly maintained and caring for such a pet, then he can live up to twenty years. On average, such a dog lives fifteen years.

A small conclusion

Such dogs are great companionsfor each. Families with young children are better off not having a small spitz. Such an animal lives well with other pets. Care for him is not particularly difficult, but with a dog you need to deal with since childhood, then in the future you will grow a docile German spitz small. The price for one puppy on average is from twenty-five to eighty thousand rubles (this is with a pedigree).

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