Grass for a cat - a source of health

Grass for a cat
Owners of domestic cats, probably more than oncenoticed that their pets like to bite houseplants, especially when they look like grass. This behavior is inherent in the street from the family of felines. People wonder why this happens. Why do cats eat grass, we will consider in this article.

Improve digestion

As we know, pets have come fromtheir wild ancestors. Physiologically, the cat's organism is arranged in such a way that, when eating small prey (rats, birds), they swallow it whole, without separating it from bones, wool and other indigestible products. Unnecessary and unutilized food comes with gastric juice during regurgitation. The grass for the cat stimulates the process of regurgitation and relieves the cat's body of excess lumps of wool, villi and so on. As a result, the digestion of a fluffy friend is normalized. Of course, our pets no longer catch mice and eat the food prepared for them. However, the wool that enters the body when the cat is licked can come out of it only with the help of such a peculiar "cleansing". Therefore, instincts cause our wards to spoil our plants.

What kind of grass is suitable for a cat?

Favorite herb of cats
If you have a summer cottage or go out in summer invillage, then bring there your pet so that he can enjoy the greenery. Most often, for cleaning your body, cats choose sedge or some other coarse grass (for example, cereals). Worry about the health of a pet is not worth it. Grass for a cat is a great way to remove excess from the ventricle and to improve the whole body. If your pet does not leave the apartment, then do not be too lazy to grow grass for yourself. The most popular plant for house cats is oats, which you can buy in any store for animals or grow yourself.

Which plants are harmful to cats?

Not every grass for a cat will do. Among the poisonous plants are: chicken, poppy, yew, tulip, sea onion, oleander, daffodils, geranium, lily of the valley, calendula, cicuta, violets, philodendron, henbane and all bulbous plants.

How to plant the grass by yourself?

Grass already grown is quite cheap -about 30-40 rubles. However, if you decide to grow the grass for cats yourself, then this instruction is for you. All that is required of you is a small pot, earth and seeds.

Why do koshi eat grass?

  1. Favorite cats grass is a young oats. We buy its seeds in the pet store (in the bag contains 50 grams).
  2. We take a small pot, fill it with earth, pour a layer of seeds on top and put a layer of earth again, about 1-2 cm.
  3. We water the crops.
  4. To ensure that the cat does not pull grass with roots, the ground in the pot must be tamped.
  5. Tare with greens is better covered with polyethylene. So it can retain moisture.
  6. Once the grass is older, you can start feeding her your cat.

Place for the pot you can chooseyourself. It is recommended to put it where the animal usually takes food. I want to note that the weed grass for a cat is not of interest, as it quickly withers.

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