What should be the care of a newborn boy?

Long before the birth of the baby, many future mothersbegin to think about how to properly care for the newborn boy. Consider what issues may arise after the birth of a child. Also pay attention to

Care for a newborn boy
features of care for the baby.

That there were no problems after sorts,it is advisable to stock up on hygiene items in advance. First of all, these are diapers, diapers, towels, soft napkins, cotton swabs and circles, baby cream, powder, etc. It is necessary to prepare a first aid kit in which there should be creams and ointments, hydrogen peroxide, zelenka. Later, you may need to buy something else. It is advisable to purchase several bottles and a nipple in advance. Often after the birth of a small young mother, milk is missing or not produced enough, and the child needs to be fed with artificial compounds.

Water procedures

It is best to bathe the baby around 10am orin the evening, before feeding. But if necessary, you can shift this time to any other, convenient for the mother. After feeding, wash your baby is not desirable. It is better to leave him to sleep.


If it's cool, you can not wash your baby every day. Bathing procedures will successfully replace wiping with a warm wet terry cloth. Sometimes you can pre-soap it, and then wipe the skin, removing the soap. Special

Skin care for a newborn
carefully wipe the skin folds.

Bathing in a baby bath

Care for a newborn boy is compulsoryincludes bathing in a bath or basin. If the bath is not covered with a special coating of fabric, place a clean diaper on its bottom. Add warm water. The comfort of water temperature can be determined with the help of the wrist or elbow skin. If it is pleasantly warm - you can start bathing.

During washing, the child should be kept so thatthe fingers of his hand were under his armpit, and the head rests against the elbow fold of the mother (or dad). Soap is preferably used twice a week. It is better to buy baby shampoo. It will help make skin care for a newborn almost perfect. They can soap not only the head, but the entire body of the baby.

Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, nails

Child and care for him is associated in the firstturn with sterility and cleanliness. But during bathing, make sure that water does not get inside the ear. Wash only the outer part of the auricle. Eyes and mouth do not require any special care. But marigolds should be periodically cut.

Breathing boys

Care for a newborn boy special. The foreskin on the head of the penis at the very beginning

Child and care for him
child's life is severely narrowed, so if badto wash the baby, then under it a special grease accumulates, in which bacteria can settle. They can cause a strong and unpleasant inflammation troubling the boy. To move the foreskin is not necessary, it is just necessary to wash the baby more thoroughly, preferably using soap or baby shampoo.

If you adhere to all these simple rules, caring for a newborn boy will turn into a real pleasure for loving parents.

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