About how the cats die ...

Friends, no matter how sad it may sound, but everyoneof us who keep a pet in the form of a cat, sooner or later must experience a very sad period - his death. Today we will talk about how cats die.

To my great regret, nothing lasts forever in this life. All life is dying: plants, people, animals ... If we talk about the latter, then, perhaps, the most unusual death is in cats.

how do cats die

Cats are a mystery of nature

About how the cats die, we'll tell you later. Allow a couple introductory words. Cats are quite unusual mammals. No wonder they were always credited with the most mystical properties. However, whatever they were, any of them is sick, growing old and, of course, leaving this world. So, let's find out how the cats die.

Why are they hiding before they die?

Friends, then I will tell you very sad things. Personally, I have tears, when I hear about it. But, as they say: "words from a song can not be thrown out".

When a domestic cat understands that with herthere is something incomprehensible, then frantically begins to look for a secluded place, where no one can disturb her. If a cat dies at home, then, first of all, it tries to hide from its owners, whom she once fervently and faithfully loved. Feeling pain and feeling danger, the animal abstracts from everything that can hurt it ... Friends, it's sad to say, but your pet in your last moments of life is in full confidence that he was offended by either of you, that he was attacked, causing terrible pain. A cat can not (and can not) understand who caused this pain. That is why the animal prefers to move away from everyone in order to try to protect itself from the unknown danger.

how do cats die of old age

View from the scientists

Today, to understand how cats die of old age, notit is tricky. Scientists have proved that the animal can not guess why it was cherished and cherished yesterday, but today it has become very painful for him. Of course, a cat is not a human being, and it can not explain to anyone what is happening to it, so it suffers a huge dying stress. Scientists say if your cat suddenly began to hide from you in the most inaccessible places in the house, then it will soon die of old age.

The death of a cat and the death of a person are two different things

if the cat dies at home

There are significant differences in howcats die and how people die. People on their deathbed are very scared, as they begin to think about what's there - in the afterlife. Everyone is afraid of death. We are afraid of her throughout her life. We are haunted by the thought that someday we will leave this world forever.

In the case of cats, everything is different. They do not have this fear, because they simply do not know what death is! Cats can not think, so on their deathbed, they do not come to any thinking about the afterlife. It just hurts. They do not understand why this is happening, and what will happen next.

What to do after the death of a pet?

Of course, live on! Try not to torture yourself. Do not mourn the pet with bitter tears. On the contrary, remember the joyful and bright moments of your life with him. And more: remove all personal belongings of the deceased cat (bowls, trays, toys). Do not think that this is cruel. Simply, if you do not, then you will constantly suffer, looking at them and remembering your favorite kitty ...

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