Original bouquets for the Teacher's Day

Already for many years on October 5 in Russiathere is such a wonderful holiday as Teacher's Day. What bouquet to present to your favorite teacher? In this article, we'll look at the most appropriate options.

We all remember with warmth the school years,entertaining lessons, funny changes, and, of course, teachers who not only gave us knowledge, but also gave a piece of their soul to each of us. That is why Teacher's Day is one of the most kind and bright holidays. On this day, teachers' tables, school classes and even school corridors resemble a branch of a flower shop. A bouquet of flowers for the teacher is a sign of gratitude and respect, and for those who have already graduated from school this holiday is a wonderful occasion to visit the school and congratulate your favorite teachers.

Choosing a gift or a bouquet for the Teacher's Day -pleasant, but also very responsible occupation. The bouquet should correspond to the case, be not too overloaded details, small and moderately expensive. It should be remembered that the composition for the teacher is a variation of the business bouquet, therefore scarlet roses, symbolizing the intensity of love passions, should be dismissed immediately, because such presents are usually presented to beloved women. A bouquet for an instructor should be elegant and discreet. An important role is played by the shade of flowers. Young teachers will be approached by gentle compositions in pastel colors, and as components it is more appropriate to use chrysanthemums, roses, gerberas, freesias. Women of age are presented with large, blooming flowers of rich colors. These can be dahlias, chrysanthemums, asters. A bouquet for a male teacher should be even more concise and strict. Ideal option will be one flower, for example, a gladiolus, symbolizing the male, power and charisma. And here bouquet of peonies or exotic flowers is absolutely not suitable for the occasion, because a male teacher will look with him just ridiculous.

Approach the choice of a bouquet creatively, order a composition from a professional florist or in the flower salon, which also carries out bouquet delivery, which will save you from having to go forfinished composition. Such an approach will demonstrate a respectful attitude towards the teacher and he will accurately note that the next bouquet is not presented from necessity, but as a token of gratitude and from the heart.

Several years ago it became a tradition to presentpotted flowers that will please the teacher not only on the holiday, but also for quite a long time after. Such a gift can decorate the teacher's table and give him pleasant memories and positive emotions every day.

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