Women's health: no monthly, but not pregnant

"Why is there no period, but not pregnant?"- how many women are asked this question in the absence of menstruation at the expected time. But why do women have these doubts? There are many reasons for the absence of menstruation, except for pregnancy. This and excessive load, significant loss or weight gain, hormonal disorders, nervous stress, depression and many other reasons. Let's look at some of them.

In modern life on the shoulders of women liethousands of problems related to work, home, children, people around her. All this postpones a serious imprint on the physical and psycho-emotional state of a woman. Of course, she may not notice or rather just try not to pay attention, but the internal system can react to any changes and the impact of external stimuli. The metabolism in the body is disrupted, which leads to the fact that there are no menstruation, but not pregnant. What can we say about women working in night shifts, such as female soldiers serving in the police, at bakeries.

Also the reasons for the absence of monthly, exceptpregnancy can be and others: for example, the transferred infectious diseases of any form - complex and easy. Drugs and antibiotics taken during illness can also affect the work of internal organs. There are organisms that do not perceive any anti-inflammatory drugs at all, and often women do not know about it until they collide. Of course, at the doctor's prescription, the patient takes medications that reduce the negative effects of antibiotics. However, this also does not pass without a trace. The influence of these factors, of course, is extremely individual and depends on the individual susceptibility of the human body.

Many women, regardless of age, positionand the complexion is always trying to lose weight, or, in other words, "lose weight". This, of course, the pursuit of fashion. Of course, any woman at any age wants to look like a model from the cover of the magazine. But no woman at the desires does not reflect, whether really this weight superfluous or it is a normal weight for the given growth and the invoice. Rushing to modern standards, women, without hesitation, get on a diet and severely restrict themselves to eating. At the same time the body is exhausted, its working capacity decreases, and therefore a woman is observed a situation when there are no menstruation, but not pregnant. I must say that such diets affect not only the changes in the menstrual cycle, but also the function of the whole organism as a whole: the digestive system, the cardiovascular system. Human organs are all interconnected, and it is difficult to say what the consequences of these steps will be for the health of the body.

An important reason for the fact that there are no monthly, butnot pregnant is the lack of a regular partner or regular sexual intercourse. By the way, this can also be the reason that a completely healthy woman does not have ovulation - there are no monthly ones, as a result of this. That is, with constant regular sexual intercourse all the internal organs of a woman function stably, and in the absence of this connection dysfunction occurs. This disrupts the work of the ovaries and appendages, which is why ovulation disorders and malfunctions occur.

In the rhythm of modern life and economiccrisis, a woman does not always have the time and opportunity to seriously take care of her health and seek medical attention. Therefore, many women resort to self-treatment, follow the advice of friends or draw information from the Internet. And few people think that this can be unsafe. Often, such actions lead to an aggravation of the problem, which in the future can greatly complicate the work of a gynecologist and the treatment process.

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