The first signs of pregnancy: in the first week and until the perturbations

Virtually every woman knows that one of thethe main signs of pregnancy are delayed menstruation. Although this statement is not always true. Some gynecological diseases lead to the absence or disruption of the menstrual cycle. In addition, the meager spotting taken for menstruation can be observed as the first signs of pregnancy in the first week.

Some women experience pregnancy before delay, others do not observe any changes, even when the pregnancy has come.

Signs of a completed pregnancy can be divided into 3 groups: primary signs of pregnancy (doubtful), probable signs (indirect) and reliable (accurate) signs.

Immediately after conception there is a change in the hormonal background, which changes the moral, mental and physical state of the pregnant woman.

The first signs of pregnancy in the first weekafter the delay in most cases already make themselves felt. Emotional instability, tearfulness or aggression, irritability, frequent mood changes are satellites that accompany a pregnant woman during the gestation period, but more often in the first three months. Although some lucky people feel fine and are not prone to sudden mood swings and causeless tears.

To the first signs of an accomplished pregnancyinclude sensitivity to smells and changes in taste preferences. Strong or sharp smells can cause attacks of nausea or vomiting. Perhaps aversion to some products, not only when they are used, but even when looking at them. Often a pregnant woman can not stand the smells during cooking. Some products, on the contrary, become very desirable, and a pregnant woman enjoys using them. It can be salted cucumber, fish or chocolate sweets.

But this is not all the first signs of pregnancy: in the first week after the delay, nausea, dizziness, weakness and unreasonable fatigue are already possible. Especially hard is the future mother in the morning ascent. It is at this time that it makes you sick, vomiting and headache are possible. But note that this does not happen to everyone. Therefore, after learning what are the signs of pregnancy, do not adjust yourself negatively - a considerable number of women do not know what nausea or the inability to eat normally. It depends on the individual characteristics of the course of a particular pregnancy.

The breast becomes very sensitive and slightlypainful - this is the first signs of pregnancy. In the first week after the delay swelling of the mammary glands is observed, later there is a darkening of the nipple and areola.

Due to active progesterone productionthere may be constipation. Micturition, on the contrary, becomes more frequent and can bring a discomfort to a pregnant woman due to the constant need to run to the toilet.

The most obvious primary sign of the onsetpregnancy - the delay of the menstrual cycle. If menstruation does not begin within a week after the due date, it may be necessary to think about buying and conducting a pregnancy test or passing special tests in the laboratory.

Probable (indirect) signs include the increase in the size of the uterus during gynecological examination, as well as the cyanotic shade of the cervix when viewed in the mirrors.

To reliable (accurate) signs of pregnancyinclude the detection of the fetus in the uterus during ultrasound, the determination of the fetal heartbeat, and the presence of perturbations. In this case, there is no doubt about the occurrence of pregnancy.

Treat your pregnancy as a pleasant and new period in your life. Inside of you lives a little man. And he really needs the love and care of his parents.

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