We study pets: the riddle of chicken

Alas, but adults are not always successfulprepare for thematic classes with children, because to conduct developmental lessons with preschoolers and younger students it is necessary not only to imagine well what the guys are interested in, but also to understand their psychology. If you have chosen the popular theme "Pets", "Farm" or "Birds" for classes, you will certainly need an extensive auxiliary arsenal: original puzzles, interesting puzzles, moderately complex tongue twisters and, of course, riddles in verse and prose. Unusual riddles about chicken for children, perhaps, will be the simplest - safely use them in contests and mini-competitions.

riddle about chicken

Simple riddle about chicken

To come up with a poetic or prosaicpuzzle yourself, think about the most characteristic external and behavioral traits of chickens and chickens. First of all, of course, the yellow plumage comes to mind. Pay attention to the design of children's books: if there is a riddle about a chicken in the book, the beak of a small bird is almost always painted in red, although this shade is completely uncharacteristic for real inhabitants of the farm. Do not be afraid to use stereotypes in writing your own puzzles - draw an analogy with the hedgehog, who drags apples and mushrooms on his back. Hedgehogs do not pin their food on needles (and do not eat apples and mushrooms), and the chicken does not sport a red beak. However, your riddle about chicken can fully take into account this interesting educational stereotype. For example:

The feathers are yellow,
The clavic is scarlet.
Bites seeds
... little.

riddles about chicken for children

Visual sample

It seems to you that the accompaniment of riddlesthe pictures illustrating the answer, does not make any sense? And meanwhile modern cognitive books for children are full of "talking" pictures for nothing: understanding that the image depicts a mysterious character, the guys unconsciously "try on" the content of the text to the picture. This method successfully develops logical thinking and forms comparative analysis skills. And the solved riddle about a chicken can serve as an excellent subject for new children's drawings.

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