A cat's estrus: when to wait for her and what to do

On issues related to the breeding of domesticpet, it would be nice to think at the time of buying a furry fluffy lump. Then it will not be a surprise to anybody that the baby is already growing up, and the instinct of procreation takes its toll. If you do not want the animal to participate in breeding, it is better to sterilize it. In another situation, the owner needs some knowledge to make the process of mating, pregnancy, childbirth and feeding of kittens successful.

a cat's estrus
So, first of all, when is the first heat incats? Puberty occurs at them rather early, at the age of about six months. However, the growth and formation of the body is not yet complete, you can not knit an animal. Felinologists recommend to conduct the first pairing not earlier than in the third hunting period. This means that your furry favorite will be about a year and a half. The owner should remember that the first heat should be endured. Drugs that suppress the manifestations of hunting should not be given to an animal; they will change the hormonal status and may be the cause of the development of tumoral diseases in the future.

A little about the anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system

Female cats and dogs have paired sexglands - ovaries. Their uterus is unpaired, has a small body and two elongated horns. Developing fruits are located in them. The sexual cycle in cats, like in humans, is regular, but menstruation in a woman and estrus in an animal have cardinally opposite meanings. The principal difference between them is this. At home pets, it is a sign of the approaching ovulation and the willingness to mate and is necessary to attract a cat. Whereas in women the presence of bloody discharge is a period when the possibility of fertilization is minimal.

Let us consider in more detail how a cat's estrus occurs. The whole sexual cycle proceeds in stages, four periods are distinguished:

  1. Proestrus is the time of animal preparation. His behavior changes, the cat becomes more affectionate, but the cat does not admit. She is restless, her appetite is usually increased. Outer genitalia slightly swollen.
    how long does the estrus last for a cat
  2. Estrus - this is the period that we call"The heat in the cat." She has light, scanty discharge. It should be remembered that the bloody tracks, like dogs, do not leave cats. In addition, since the animal carefully observes the hygiene of the genital organs, the owner may not notice any discharge at all. It is necessary to be guided by the behavior of the python: she mewes meekly, rolls on the floor, arches, pulling off her tail and stepping over with her hind legs. In general, it becomes more affectionate and seeks communication. Urination is frequent, the appetite is usually reduced. How long does the estrus last for a cat? The period of estrus lasts from 3 to 10 days. Of course, like the frequency of cycles, its duration is individual and depends on many factors: the breed, the season, the age, the conditions of keeping the animal, the frequency of reproduction. The third or fifth days are considered ideal for cover, although for each "lady" this is also very individual.
  3. the first estrus in cats
    Metaestrus - duration of this stage on average 8days. The cat drives the cat away. If there was a conception, the sexual instinct fades, after 58-74 days the kittens will be born. Sometimes the estrus in a cat is renewed during pregnancy or against the background of feeding the babies after some time after childbirth. In the absence of fertilization, the animal enters a new cycle of reproduction, again there will be proestrus and so on.
  4. Anestros - this period is characterized by absolute sexual dormancy and is most often in winter, when the light day is short.

The frequency of occurrence of sexual hunting in cats can be from once every three weeks to two episodes a year.

It is known that the estrus of a cat sometimes happensmuted, "hidden", in such cases, the owner may not know that she passed. If the "lady" is held in the same house as the "knight", this usually does not happen. If there are signs of estrus in the cat's apartment, they appear brighter. In order to distinguish between "hidden" estrus and its complete absence, it is necessary to visit a veterinarian.

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