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"The main guarantee of the success of the cook in the kitchen is a sharpknife "- this was the saying of one of the most eminent chefs of Great Britain Gary Rhodes. But with this one can argue that some experts do in the culinary business. They argue that the quality of the knife is affected by many factors that should be taken into account when choosing your auxiliary item in the kitchen, and also the skill of the chef who uses this knife to take the last position. To begin with, it should be understood that a real cook is unlikely to manage one knife in the kitchen. A real cook should have a set that consists of several types of knives.

gerber knives

Professionals advise before buying this itemanswer yourself to a few questions, namely: why, from what, and from where? The answer to the first question is the destiny of your future knife. Yes, there are multifunctional knives, if you did not know. There are several types, so immediately you need to determine the purpose of the purchase. The answer to the second question will be the material from which your future purchase will be made. Well, the third question asks you about the firm that you prefer when choosing a knife for yourself. Let's answer all these and many other questions together!

To date, the market for sales of kitchenaccessories there is simply a huge range of knives. I advised you to pay attention immediately to those specimens that are made of high-carbon steel. Why? The answer to this question is quite simple for a true expert in this field. This is because the blades of this material are very easy to sharpen and serve for a long time, and also keep the length of the tip itself. But there is a flaw in the knives of this material - they quickly rust. Therefore, they were replaced by blades made of high-carbon stainless steel. By the minuses of this material can be attributed only to difficulties in sharpening. In fairness, one of the best blades are gerber. Also to date, isolated knives from ceramics, which have much more advantages than disadvantages. Ceramics is a very strong material (only a diamond is considered stronger), so it does not need very frequent sharpening of the blade. One of the best ceramic knives is gerber gator.

gerber gator

Let's talk about which knives are betterto acquire. At the beginning of the article, I told you that there is no universal knife, and you, in turn, must have a whole set of them. I want to quote the slogan of one of the companies that produces quality knives: "Gerber - knives, sharpened with your love!". It was the Japanese craftsmen who were able to make this thing. By the way, it is Japan that is considered the leader in the production of good knives from any material and gerber knives have not become an exception to this rule. Probably, it's from their grandfather-great-grandfather, because samurai all his history searched for the best steel for his katanas.

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By the way, it was in Japan that the first knives appeared. They were used to cut tobacco leaves, which were brought there by foreign seafarers. Buy kitchen knives therefore also better than Japanese. Considered the best knives in the world are the Japanese "Honyaki", which are very difficult to use and impossible to sharpen. But there is a legend that says that a cook who perfectly master "Honyaka" will become the best master in his business and be able to subdue all knives. Masters who produced "Hönjaki", now make gerber-knives. "Honiaki" are made by hand craftsmen from high-carbon steel, so their price bites. The second after the "Honyaka" are now considered, of course, gerber-knives. This company has won itself popularity precisely with the quality of its products, so it is better to buy a knife from this manufacturer.

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