Bowl for multivarka Redmond. A bowl for multivark: which one to choose?

Today, many housewives are happyowners of a miracle pot - multivarka Redmond, who knows how not only to cook, but also to fry, stew and bake. It will help you cook a wide variety of dishes without much trouble.

The main accessory of any multivark is,of course, the cup. It can be made of steel, and also have non-stick Teflon or ceramic coating. Virtually every Redmond branded bowl for multivarks is suitable for many models. Therefore, for each "assistant" you can easily pick up 2 or 3 of their kind. What is the difference between them? Let's figure it out.

redmond bowl for multivarkers

Bowl with Teflon non-stick coating: characteristics, advantages

Teflon-coated bowls are the mostare in demand among consumers due to their high non-stick properties, which allow using a minimum of fats when cooking products, preserving their natural taste and health benefits. In addition, they can prepare meals, in particular, bake and fry, with the formation of a ruddy crust. The basis for the production of such pots is a high-quality aluminum alloy, which is treated with Teflon coating.

Especially popular are bowls with a doubleor a triple high-quality Teflon coating from DuPont. Models of this kind are produced in a light brown color with engravings in the form of an ornament and the Redmond logo. The bowl for the multivark has a bottom with a special structure that increases the thermal conductivity of the tank and protects it from deformation.

bowl for multivark redmond

Such containers are often replaced by those that gocomplete with multivarkers. So, for example, the bowl for multivarka Redmond 4503, judging by the feedback of buyers, quickly loses its non-stick properties. In return, a compatible model with Du Pont coating is purchased. Also such bowls can be used for some multivarieties of other brands. Conveniently wash both under the faucet and in the dishwasher using any detergent.

The disadvantages of teflon bowls

In case of damage to the non-stick coating athigh temperatures from it can be released hazardous to human health substances. Therefore, you should only use specially designed spoons, ladles and blades and in no case to use metal.

Ceramic Bowl for Multivarca Redmond: advantages

Ceramic coating is characterized by morehigh resistance to mechanical damage, rather than Teflon. In addition, it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. The walls of such bowls are thicker, so that better circulation and heat preservation is ensured. As a result, the products are stewed, roasted and fried evenly. Bowls with ceramic coating are excellent for baking. They are equally good at all kinds of bakery products, muffins, biscuits, etc. Redmond bowls are treated with ceramic coating from the Korean company Anato.

ceramic bowl for multivark redmond

They are compatible with a number of otherbrands. In addition, bowls made without handles can be safely used for cooking in the oven, since they are characterized by high thermal stability. Easy to clean.

Some models with a ceramic coating, for example a bowl for the multivark Redmond M90, are provided with plastic handles, which makes it more convenient and safe to remove them.

bowl for multivark redmond m90

Disadvantages of ceramic bowls

Despite all the above advantages of the bowlswith ceramic coating, their significant disadvantages are fast wear and loss of non-stick properties. Another disadvantage is the sensitivity to alkaline environment, which is why it is not recommended to wash them in dishwashers.

Steel Redmond-bowl for multivarkers

Bowls are also made from high qualitysteel, which is practically not afraid of mechanical damage. Thanks to innovative technologies, they do not cause allergic reactions and do not give cooked dishes a metallic taste. The steel bowl for the Redmond multivark is mainly used as an extra for preparing first courses. Its main advantage is that it is allowed to use metal objects to mix the cooking food. Moreover, when preparing dishes that require whipping or grinding, as, for example, soups-puree, you can work with a blender directly in the bowl. In this case, there is absolutely no need to worry that its internal surface may be damaged.

bowl for multivark redmond 4503

The steel Redmond bowl for the multivark can also serve as a separate pan (if you buy a lid), baking tanks in the oven or whipping certain foods.

Disadvantages of steel bowls

The minus of bowls made of steel isThe possibility of oxidation when using acidic products. Also, according to some reviews over time (about six months or slightly more), the bottom may start to rust.

Which cup to choose?

Based on the above characteristics, you canto conclude that the general drawback of all the cups for multivarieties is failure: sooner or later they scratch, rust, lose their non-stick properties. But you can significantly extend the life of magic pots. Buy immediately 2 or 3 bowls of different types (if the means allow), which will be used for the intended purpose. For example, for making soups and deep-frying, use a steel container, for baking and baking - with a ceramic coating, for frying with a small amount of oil - with Teflon. With this approach, any bowl for the multivark Redmond will last you a long time. In addition, the taste of the prepared dishes will be much better.

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