Original gift of chocolates with your own hands

a gift of chocolates with your own hands
There is no limit to creative imagination, when you wantpresent the original present for the holiday. A gift from sweets by our own hands will be not only exclusive, but also useful, since a moderate amount of sweet is needed for our body for good mood and energy recovery. Depending on the occasion and personality of the person to whom the present is being made, it can be of a variety of forms.

Sweet Pyramid

A gift from sweets is made by hand ina kind of the most common pyramid - they are stacked on a tray or a stand of cardboard or plastic. Such a structure can be made from sweets of one kind or alternating different in quality and form of sweetness. It would be appropriate to present such a surprise to the celebration with a banquet.

Exclusive jewelry

Large enough sweets in a colorful wrappercan be assembled in beads on a bright ribbon. From sweets in different in color candy wrappers turns out a real masterpiece. This decoration can consist of one thread, and several, if desired, you can create a chic "sweet" necklace. In addition to such an accessory, a crown of sweets, based on a wire frame, is also suitable.

New Year's bouquets of sweets
Tasty Panels

A gift from the chocolates with your own hands is originallooks and in the form of a mosaic. Spreading on the base with the frame the desired pattern of different in size and color wrapper sweets, you can get a magnificent panel. To fix the sweets to the base, it is necessary to use PVA glue. If you do not expect to "eat a gift", then such a picture can be laid out from peanuts of various colors or sweet sea pebbles. Theme of this panel is better to choose a kitchen, then it harmoniously fits into the interior.

Extravagant bouquet

Bouquet from sweets has long deserved popularityBoth sweet lovers and adherents of extravagant gifts. It can be decorated in the form of flowers of one kind or different. It's not so important wrapper sweets, as usually every candy is wrapped in paper or foil. Most often, this composition is made of artificial roses, chamomiles or bells. For flower buds, colored corrugated paper is used, and for stems and leaves - wire and paper of green color. Such compositions are usually supplemented with an air cloth, rhinestones and a floral net.

bouquet of sweets

New Year's gift

New Year's bouquets of sweets are better done ina mini-tree with toys and candies. For a basis it is possible to take a twig of the present fur-tree or pine which can be found in places of pre-Christmas sale of wood beauties. To spoil a tree for one branch is not worth it, you can take it artificial or make it from corrugated paper or colored wire. Such a bouquet can be decorated with tinsel, artificial snow and small plastic Christmas tree toys.

An unusual letter

A gift from sweets is made by yourself and inThe inscription on the floor or table. From favorite delicacies you can lay out a declaration of love, an invitation to a romantic dinner or a wish for a sweet and happy life. To implement such a creative idea, you need a sufficient area, so this surprise can be prepared in the service room. It will become especially relevant in places where the tradition of shashu is practiced - treats guests with sweets.

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