Discharge during pregnancy is an important indicator of the health of the future mother

For each woman, the waiting time of the child is one ofthe happiest in her life. Some families prepare for this event long before the onset of pregnancy. And for some, the news of pregnancy can be a complete surprise, but it does not affect the attitude to the future child.

There are, of course, moments during pregnancy,which create discomfort and cause some anxiety and excitement in expectant mothers. Allocations during pregnancy are one of the most common problems a woman can face. But, unfortunately, few women can recognize their character. Let's try to figure out which allocations are considered normal, and which require special attention.

Out of pregnancy, the cervix is ​​constantlyproduces mucus. The entire sexual system of the woman "works" for the fertilization of the egg, and for this, a moist environment is needed to make the spermatozoa successfully reach their goal. Discharge from the vagina is a common occurrence, but with the onset of pregnancy, the expectant mother becomes more alert and pays attention to the slightest changes in her body.

In the first trimester the uterus works in the same regime,forming a thick discharge. Allocations during pregnancy, starting at week 13, increase (under the action of estrogens) and become more fluid. Allocations during pregnancy should be clean and free from pus or blood, be clear or white, and not have an unpleasant odor. If the allocation is abundant, you can not use tampons or flavored gaskets, it is better to choose daily sanitary napkins.

In the event that there were white discharge induring pregnancy, you should visit a gynecologist, as this may indicate the appearance of thrush (candidiasis). This disease very often darkens the happy time of pregnancy. Fungus (candida) is present in almost every woman, but during pregnancy, due to a change in the hormonal background or because of a decrease in the immunity of the pregnant woman, the fungus can begin to multiply actively and lead to an exacerbation of the disease, which is called thrush.

Clear signs of the appearance of thrush are consideredallocation of white color in the form of flakes, and during an exacerbation there is an itch of genital organs, which usually begins in the evening after taking a shower. Also, such secretions have an acidic odor. In case of such symptoms, you should see a doctor, as this disease must be treated. During pregnancy, you should not self-medicate and take the drugs or drugs advertised on the advice of your girlfriends. In order for the treatment to be correct, it is necessary to undergo a test and give a smear to the flora. The doctor - gynecologist after confirmation of the diagnosis, most often appoints the LIVAROL suppositories, with the help of which it is possible to cure this disease.

It happens that there are transparent selectionsduring pregnancy, which in their consistence are more watery and have an unpleasant odor. All these symptoms may indicate the occurrence of bacterial vaginosis. This infection is very dangerous for a pregnant woman, because it can cause premature birth. At the slightest suspicion it is necessary to address to the doctor.

During pregnancy on the background of hormonalchanges in the body of a woman may manifest certain diseases. One of such common diseases is cervical erosion - it can lead to the appearance of abundant discharge. These discharge during pregnancy can be yellowish or brownish in color. There are no threats of abortion, but it is best to consult a doctor.

In any case, pay attention to any selection. During pregnancy, the woman's body works in a strengthened mode and should closely monitor all the changes that occur in the body of a woman. Also, excretions can also indicate the pathology of pregnancy. The color of the secretions can change if there is a deficiency in the body of any hormone. This can be identified as a result of blood tests for progesterone and, if there is a defect, hormone spectrum preparations can be prescribed.

But it should be remembered that with the slightest discharge,which can be caused by the appearance of an infection should consult a doctor. A pregnant woman is responsible not only for her health, but also for the health of the baby's future.

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