World Cat Day - Cat Day!

On March 1, World Cat Day is celebrated! Cats have lived side by side with people for thousands of years, but only since 2005 it was decided to introduce an International holiday celebrating the merits of these noble animals to humanity.

World Cat Day

A cat's day is needed in order to realize the rolecats in people's lives. At the dawn of human civilization they were worshiped as deities, later attributed to bad influence and friendship with the dark forces. In some cultures, they are endowed with nine lives, mythical and healing abilities, as well as the ability to predict the weather.

Cat services were required for people from time immemorialtimes. It's not for nothing that it is sung in a Russian lullaby: "Go, Kotya, spend the night, wash my child." Apparently, for this "jug of milk" and for "a piece of pie" this conscientious Kotya does his "soporific" work well, once they call and sing about him for several centuries.

On a festive World Cat Day, it would be nice to remember what help these people, these wonderful companion animals, are giving us, people.

Although the holiday is common, but in every country it iscelebrate in their own way. In the United Kingdom, for example, cats are formally in the service of Her Majesty. Moustached employees are called upon to hunt mice at Buckingham Palace, they wear a special uniform and live in small cozy houses. On March 1, on World Cats Day, fluffy courtiers are treated to cat delicacies.

In Austria, cats are in the service of the state. They guard the country's grain storehouses from small rodents. On World Cat Day they, as always, will be given milk, broth and meat, this tasty food they are provided for life.

Many museums of the world hold a cat's "servicesecurity ". The British Museum even pays the mustached "agents" a salary. In the Hermitage such a service exists from the 18th century. At the request of the Empress Elizabeth, the largest "mice-comfortable" cats were sent to Kazan from the court, because St. Petersburg was flooded with rats. Since that time, several dozen cats have been living and carrying a museum service at the Winter Palace.

World Cat Day for Russian museums Vasek andBarsikov, as well as for the British Max and Oscars - a simple work day. But if you think about it, they do not just catch rats and mice, they guard nothing less than the unique cultural heritage of all mankind!

World Cat Day

Russian "Hermits", so called the Hermitagemustache-striped museum employees, they do not pay wages, but treat them as conscientiously as possible. Veterinarians serve them without queue, and after the "retirement" for them, they are always looking for suitable "good hands" and give them to comfortable home conditions. And candidates for future co-owners carefully check.

At the Hermitage Museum there is a "Cat Lovers Club", andin March, members of the club celebrate the Day of "Hermitage". And the St. Petersburg artists Mitki created a monument to the cat next to their workshop, calling it Tisha the Sailor and dressing, naturally, in a vest.

Speaking of the cat, it should be noted thatToday's feline world is great and diverse. There are countless different noble breeds, their representatives are worth a lot of money. Thoroughbred handsome men, winning in prestigious exhibitions, winning medals, it is easy to be proud and love.

World Animal Day
But, at the same time, there are mongrel Vaskaand Murki, who are also cats, although they look quite different. Owners save them by picking up free on the streets, are proud and love no less than thoroughbreds and just like that!

It is necessary to mention one more holiday,concerning our "smaller brothers". October 4, the birthday of St. Francis, the patron of "all creatures of the earth", since 1931, World Animal Day is celebrated. The holiday was established to ensure that every year there are events that increase the awareness of people of the planet of one simple truth: animals and the environment in general need protection.

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