The development of thinking and puzzles about watches

It's time to introduce the preschoolers to the clock. Given that children are very fond of guessing puzzles, this is an excellent excuse to conduct the first familiarization in the game form. Show how the big arrow walks around and how much of the path passes during this time is small.

We develop our horizons and wit

It's no secret that the best child isdevelops through games. It's fun, entertaining and interesting, and most importantly - it forces children's logic and memory to be included. Take as an example the children's acquaintance with the clock. The functions and features of this subject can best be explained to children through riddles about the clock. Children love funny puzzles, and the information obtained in this way is assimilated and remembered very easily. Here, for example, is such a mystery:

Day and night go,

They do not leave the place.

puzzles about watches

Information received through the riddle simultaneouslyintroduces the work of the clock and the play of the words of the Russian language. The child comprehends an interesting fact that, it turns out, something can walk and at the same time not go away. In this case, it does not even matter that children will not guess the riddle, but they will know the answer from the tutor. Since the information obtained has already made the imagination and savvy come into play and to think that it is so, the clocks are always in one place, but at the same time they walk.

Further the teacher can continue riddles abouthours, and about the same. For example, ask the question: "Why do people say that the clock is running?" And then tell you that it is the movement of the hour hands that constantly circumnavigate every number and line between them, every day.

Mysteries about watches and memory training

Leading teachers of the world confirm the fact thatin the teaching of children a special effect gives the use of riddles. Children even without being aware of themselves begin to analyze what they heard, while observing and logic are connected. And as for training memory, the puzzles are great for this, because the child remembers both the answer and the text of the puzzle, and when he comes home, he himself asks their parents or grandmother and grandfather.

Here is another mystery about watches for children:

All day long the whiskers move

And time to learn to order.

a riddle about watches for children

After this puzzle, you can tell the children aboutthe hands of the clock, which one is running faster and which is slower, and why, in addition, the comparison of shooters with mustaches includes imagination in children. Further they can independently compare the dial to the face on which these mustaches are.

Provide children with development

Thus, the study of any subject is bettereverything is absorbed by the kids through riddles. It is this kind of training that is best able to activate the intellectual and creative potential of children. Riddles about watches are best acquainted with the clock, and riddles about the sun with the sun and its meaning for people. The most important thing is to deal with your children.

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