Riddles about cabbage - fascinating theme for children

Little children, and not only they, are very fond ofvarious puzzles on different topics. Riddles allow you to learn to think, evaluate and study the properties of things, their shapes, colors, and so on. Especially children like riddles about animate objects, that is, about animals, birds, trees and others.

Riddles about cabbage

A lot of puzzles were invented about different fruits,vegetables and berries. With their help, children begin to distinguish between size, color, and taste. For example: watermelon - a large size, carrots - an elongated shape, cabbage - green.

Consider, for example, what riddles about cabbage is in folk folklore.

riddles about cabbage
As you know, cabbage is a multi-layered healthy vegetable of green color, which is very fond of eating goats and hares. Riddles about cabbage emphasize this is it.

1. And salt it, and sour, inside a cob, wrapped in a hundred clothes.

2. Tasty-tasty, with a loud crunch, the bunny tries ... (cabbage).

3. It rises in the garden on one leg only, a hundred clothes on it, and all without a clasp.

4. It seems to be not a book, but a lot of leaves.

5. A large head grows in the garden, and a hundred hats are put on it adroitly.

6. So many coats, so much crunch, everyone calls her ... (cabbage).

Thanks to these riddles the child learns that the cabbage is on one leg, the leaves of her are stacked in several layers, as if she is dressed in one hundred clothes.

Goat and cabbage

There is a very interesting riddle about the goat, cabbage andwolf. It is old, yet it does not lose its relevance. The riddle is simple, but requires reflection. Therefore, many people think about it for a long time. The meaning of the puzzle is that on one side there are a gray wolf, a goat and a delicious cabbage. It is necessary to transfer on a boat from one shore to another all. But the bad luck: you can transport them only one at a time. If the wolf floats, then on this shore will remain a goat and cabbage. And, of course, the goat will eat it. If you take cabbage to the boat, the wolf left on the beach will eat a goat. There remains the third option: to take a goat and transfer it to that shore. Then cabbage is transported, and the goat needs to be transferred back. Then the wolf sits down and goes to the cabbage. Lastly, the remaining one goat is transported. The riddle is solved. Nobody ate anything.

riddle about a goat cabbage

Cabbage in folk folklore

In folklore there are not only riddles about cabbage, but also proverbs, sayings, signs and so on. Examples include:

1. Nobody is sad if there is cabbage.

2. If you have cabbage, you will not start health.

3. If you plant cabbage on Thursday, it will not be eaten by worms.

4. If the sunny weather is on March 14, then this is to a large crop of cabbage.

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