Veterinary clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: reviews

What you need to do first,How did your pet cross the threshold of your home? It does not matter whether it's a kitten or a puppy, you need to urgently find a good vet, preferably working in a 24-hour veterinary clinic, with excellent reviews and recommendations. Then you can be sure: no matter what happens, you can at any time be provided with qualified medical care. After all, as you know, trouble always comes at the most inopportune moment, late at night, on weekends or holidays. Today we want to talk about the capital's clinics.

veterinary clinic on the colored boulevard

Modern realities

The choice here of pet owners is verylarge, in Moscow, hundreds of large and small clinics that offer their services. However, only a few of them can boast of good equipment, the availability of experienced doctors and a human attitude to the quadruped pet. Today in the center of our attention is the veterinary clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. We are interested in the features of work and feedback from regular customers.

Briefly about the main

The clinic is located in a cozy prerevolutionarymansion. It has been open for a long time, for over 25 years here are fluffy pets of all ages and breeds. The Veterinary Clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a true standard of what an animal clinic should be. Every year her work is an invaluable experience, new knowledge, as well as grateful animals and masters. Today the clinic is not the same as it was in the first years after the discovery. It changed outwardly, it became very roomy and cozy here. But the main thing is equipment. Veterinary clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a full-fledged hospital equipped with a laboratory and all diagnostic devices.

 veterinary clinic center on the colored boulevard

Medical staff

Even the best equipment will not replace the experience andintuition of a practitioner. It is in the search for a true professional that the owners of a seriously ill animal sometimes have to bypass dozens of institutions, losing time and money. Veterinary clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is actually a scientific center. There are 9 candidates of science who take part in the training of veterinarians in parallel. With the help of the clinic, many scientific works were produced, and excellent atlases were created. Veterinary clinic "Center" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a close-knit team of enthusiastic professionals. In most cases, even the most difficult patients can be reached here.

veterinary clinic on the color boulevard reviews

Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Here in the last century the legendaryveterinarians. This is Dr. Zimin and Paranich. And today there are regular customers who remember them in their work. In 1990, the chief doctor of the clinic was Sergei Sereda, a true enthusiast of his work. It was he who organized the first operating room in the capital for animals. Since 1990, the "Center" has reached such a large scale that it became the first place in the capital for improving the skills of veterinarians and students. Many of those who passed the training here subsequently opened their own clinics. A striking example is the "White Fang" network, which is one of the best in the capital. And of course, every year only the number of those who are given a second chance at life by a veterinary clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is added. Feedback from regular customers suggests that you can get qualified help and advice on any issue, at any time of the year. In addition, patients emphasize acceptable price tags and the correct attitude of staff, which is also expensive.

veterinary clinic on the colored boulevard

Range of services

Veterinary Clinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 11,offers its clients a wide range of medical services. Some small hospitals for people can envy the equipment of the "Center". Admission begins with the therapist's office, except in severe cases, when urgent resuscitation or surgeon intervention is required. It is here that a thorough examination, a survey of the host, an anamnesis is conducted, after which the fluffy patient goes to the narrow specialists and to the examination, if the case requires.

Thanks to this approach,veterinary clinic "Center" on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Reviews say that from the very first reception pleasantly surprised by the warm atmosphere and willingness to help. Doctors try to find out the maximum information about the patient in order to provide him with full-fledged help, but they do not prescribe useless in this case and expensive examination, than some private clinics sin.

Admission of specialists

In addition to receiving a therapist, a veterinary clinic atthe circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard provides its patients with a full range of qualified medical care. If you already had pets, you must have come across the fact that when you come to a small hospital, you are forced to be satisfied with the services of one specialist who simultaneously performs a complicated operation on the intestines and a prophylactic vaccination for a monthly puppy, or even advises someone by phone.

Here doctors work with the following qualifications:

  • Cardiologists. An experienced doctor will conduct a cardiogram and do tonometry, prescribe the necessary treatment and monitor the results.
  • Dermatologists. Probably the most scarce specialists in the capital. Here, your pet will take the necessary scrapings and crops, and according to the results of the examination, an effective treatment will be prescribed.
  • Ultrasound in the clinic "Center" holds a Ph.D., who specializes in this field for many years.
  • Endocrinologist. Carries out a high-grade diagnostics of activity of all glands of internal secretion.
  • Oncologists. Diagnose and prescribe the treatment. Here, two approaches are implemented - surgery and chemotherapy, which, with timely treatment, yield good results.
  • Gastroenterologists.
  • Reproduction.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Orthopedists.
  • Ophthalmologists.
  • Dentists.
  • Surgeons.
    veterinary clinic center on the color boulevard reviews

Contact Information

As we have already mentioned, the veterinaryclinic on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The state previously and privately-owned clinic now has the potential for further growth and development, but today it has reached good heights. Without false modesty, it can be called the best in quality equipment and the number of qualified specialists who work here. If you are traveling by public transport, then you need to get off at the metro station "Tsvetnoy Bulvar". Go to the right 200 meters and turn into the courtyard, into the arch behind the restaurant. AND In front of you - House with a sign "Center". Reception around the clock and without holidays.

veterinary clinic on the colored boulevard public

Rates of admission

Today, treatment is not cheap, it's a fact,However, here the prices for the capital are average. If you consider the level and quality of service, then this is more than an acceptable option. Primary reception of the therapist costs 890 rubles, the subsequent - already 490. Reception of narrow experts manages about 1500 rubles, US - 2 thousand rubles. We will not describe all the procedures, within this short article there is not enough space for this. But the sooner you turned for help, the faster and cheaper the treatment will be. In some cases, you can get installments. Usually such a scheme is practiced when an emergency and expensive operation is required, which is difficult to find money immediately.

veterinary clinic at the circus on the colored boulevard

Opinions of regular visitors

Analyzing numerous reviews, we are surprisedwe note that there are practically no negative ones among them. Of course, there are bitter lines from the owners who lost their pet, but they mostly say that the doctors did everything they could. In general, people say that there are adequate and good doctors working here, sympathetic and open. Without bias, superfluous appointments and surveys, they try to ease the condition of your pet, and in most cases they succeed.

If necessary, you can leave the animal inhospital. This is often much easier than driving a large dog in serious condition, especially after surgery, on dressings. You can come to visit the pet several times a day, each time getting full information about the change in the condition of your pet.

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