To dye hair during pregnancy: is it permissible or not?

Today, more and more women arepregnancy is very serious. They try to protect the future baby and themselves from harmful influences as much as possible. Therefore, the future mothers are very concerned about what can and can not be done during the period of bearing a child.

Now quite a lot of women are constantly usinghair dye. This allows them to look well-groomed, hide the gray hair, become a blonde, red or brunette, feel and beautiful. Therefore, most future mothers are interested in, it is permissible to dye hair during pregnancy or not?

There is no consensus on this issue. There is an assumption that the hair dye can cause allergy in the fetus, as well as in the woman, even if it did not occur before. This is due to the fact that after conception in the body of a woman, much is changing and, above all, the hormonal background. Therefore, hair coloring during pregnancy should be carried out only after the tolerance test.

In addition, persistent inks contain manytoxic substances that enter the body. Studies confirm that they can have a negative impact on human health. Also, scientists established that women who stain their hair with a monthly durable paint, the probability of a malignant process is 3 times higher.

By the way, dyeing hair during pregnancyis also accompanied by the inhalation of a woman with ammonia vapors and other ingredients. This too is fraught with danger, because they through the lungs are in the blood. Therefore, the room should be well ventilated.

However, many women continued to dye their hairduring pregnancy without serious consequences. Therefore, each future mother will have to decide whether she will experiment with the fetus and herself or refuse this procedure.

By the way, dyeing hair during pregnancy should be done with caution as well, because the color may turn out different or not at all. This is also warned by hairdressers of clients in the situation.

As it is not necessary to walk at allnot groomed with overgrown roots. Less harmful is considered melirovanie, and it can be done less often. It is possible to use toners without toxic substances.

In addition, today there are safe paintswithout ammonia. For example, the procedure of silk staining, the use of which is allowed during pregnancy. It does not harm the hair and restores its structure, making them healthier and stronger.

This is especially true during pregnancy, when the hair is brittle and dry. She has one drawback - this is a higher price. Doctors believe that using paint during pregnancy permissible, but only certified without ammonia.

By the way, it is assumed that staining is most dangerous in the early stages. In addition, during this period it can become impossible because of the strong reaction of the future mother to all kinds of smells.

Hair and so suffer during bearingchild due to a lack of nutrients and an unusual level of hormones, so do not subject them to additional tests. It is better to use caring products on a natural basis in a professional salon with a good hairdresser.

Thus, dye your hair duringpregnancy is permissible, but with caution. Ideally, it is better to refuse this procedure altogether. If this is not possible, then use certified paints without ammonia in a well-ventilated room, carry out a tolerance test and do not be surprised if the color does not turn out to be exactly as planned. In addition, it is possible to use melioration, coloring and toning means without toxic substances.

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