How to care for a British kitten? A few tips

Before those who wish to have kittensBritish lop-eared, the question arises: how to care for a kitten? People should remember that this breed is very sensitive in terms of hygiene and requires daily educational moments that should further accustom kittens to certain hygiene procedures.

how to care for a kitten
How to care for a British kitten?

When you see a kitten in your houseBritish Fold must remember that care for a British kitten should begin with the fact that every two weeks it is necessary to inspect the auricles for dirt, plaque, rash and, possibly, the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Very gently with a cotton swab try to clear the auditory canal. If the kitten is healthy - earwax is light and odorless. Sometimes on the ends of the ears this breed has "brushes" - these are longer hairs, they need to be removed. Very carefully, holding the edge of the ear with one hand, with the other hand trying to cut the hairs. You can try to pluck them.

Eyes in this breed do not require specialcare. Daily in the morning, a napkin or a soft cloth moistened with boiled water should be removed, and a dark raid formed in the corners of the eyes. The formation of purulent discharge is unacceptable and is an occasion for visiting a veterinarian.

The claws of kittens also require an inspection and a haircut everytwo or three weeks. Before performing this procedure, it is necessary to inspect the claws to light to find and not damage the blood vessel. In the pet stores there are special "tongs" for sale, they are adapted to make it easier to cut the claws.

how to care for a kitten british

Special care for the owners of kittens is the wool of a piom. You need to take care of her, but how? Care for the kitten and its coat should be done with a metal brush. The breed of British Fold is the only short-haired breed that needs to be combed against wool. Brush with metal bristles twice a week comb the hair at first on the back and on the chest in the direction of growth of the coat, and then against. For kittens this is a very good massage. The neck and cheeks are massaged "to the muzzle", i.e. against wool. After the end of the scratching procedure, the wool remains are removed with a special rubber mitten, purchased at a pet store, or simply with wet hands.

Sometimes the biggest problem is a cat'srestroom. For him, you need to choose a secluded but accessible place. For the most part, the most convenient place is a bathroom or a bathroom. Tray should be with bent edges and large size. It is forbidden to put the toilet tray near the place of rest and place of food intake. To clean it it is necessary specially allocated for this purpose a sponge, odorless and non-toxic detergents. You can use baby soap.

To facilitate the cleaning of toilets in the networkpet stores offer a large selection of fillers. The most popular are fillers brand "Ever Clean", "Fresh Step". This product makes it possible to change the daily substrate in part, as it is used, which is more economical.

It is necessary to follow the first time after the behaviorkitten, so that he learns to correctly locate the tray. If fussiness appeared in his behavior, he began to squat, began pawing and trying to dig past the tray, then he had to transfer it to the toilet tray and make sure that he went there. Be sure to caress and praise him.

care of a British kitten

It often happens that the cat eats only readyfeed, then do not add to the diet of meat or dairy products. Adding these products can only damage the cat's health, because the balanced feed already has all the necessary components in its composition. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to the selected food for your pet and do not forget that once in 6 months it is necessary to add food to prevent food from getting urolithiasis. When choosing a feed, follow the recommendations of leading animal feed manufacturers such as Hills, Royal Canin.

It is hoped that this information will help you find the answer to the question: "And how to care for a British kitten?"

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