Fruits and vegetables. The riddle about a tomato

It's no secret that children adore all kinds offascinating puzzles, riddles and rebuses. Guessing the hidden meanings and looking for unobvious solutions to a variety of tasks, kids and older children develop imagination, train logic and get to know the surrounding world more deeply. Parents and educators can help the young generation grow up smart and smart - it's enough to include logical tasks, poetic puzzles and interesting puzzles in your favorite games or to organize a contest of true connoisseurs.

We study vegetables and fruits

Here is the simplest riddle about a tomato (forchildren, it, however, may not be so easy): "Everyone knows the red seigneur - is it a fruit or a vegetable?" Try to direct the creative thinking of young geniuses in the right direction, asking clarifying questions. Where does a tomato grow - on a bush or on a tree? Or maybe he looks like a berry, not a fruit or a vegetable? In such a discussion it is appropriate to discuss the difference between different types of fruits.

riddle about a tomato

Guessing game

Children will certainly like to participate in"Who will guess more riddles?" It is necessary to prepare prizes in advance. If the game-competition is devoted to vegetables and fruits, it is better to reward the winners with these gifts of nature, so you will provide visibility, effective memorization and excellent mood of the contestants. So, if the mystery about the tomato, it is desirable to give the participant who guessed it a fresh tomato or a packet of tomato juice with a tube. If the puzzle is not a very delicious product, for example onions or garlic, you can replace fresh vegetables with their images. Homemade icons with pictures of food will be very handy.

What kind of problems to come up for the competition? The poem mystery about a tomato, for example, can sound as follows:

Oh, what a ruddy side -

The red senor!

Suitable for the table, and for future use

Round ...


Ketchup, adzhika, sauce and juice,

Tomato paste and pizza.

Whom we'll call on the doorstep,

To enjoy this meal?

puzzle for a tomato for children


Particularly interesting type of activities with children -organization of holidays for other kids, inventing puzzles and preparing thematic competitions. Give the small organizers a specific task (for example, the riddle about a tomato: who will come up with it more quickly) and let me compete with each other. The masterpieces obtained as a result of amateur performances can be successfully used for the entertainment of children.

Remember that the riddle of a tomato is a mustshould include some distinctive features of the fetus. Color - red, the form - round, grows - on the bush, bush - in the garden, another name - tomato. The more vivid characteristics you use in a puzzle, the more interesting it will be to solve it and the better the children will remember all the most important information about vegetables and fruits.

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