Funny and beautiful fish cocks. Betta content at home

The dream of many - to have aquarium fish -breaks down about the need to contain something similar to a medical device from intensive care (a lot of wires, hoses, filters, etc.). But you want, as a child, a crucian in the bank ... Few people, however, remember where they go those karasiki (their fate is deplorable). Virtually all underwater inhabitants in captivity need an artificial respiration apparatus, and simply in the bank you can not hold them. But the dream still remains. What to do?

Fighting fishes
Bring home a small, but insanelybeautiful fish Betta (fighting fishes of the cockerel). Breeders (thanks to them for this great!) Have brought out so many forms and colors that it's simply impossible not to please someone. And their main advantage is the ability to live without a compressor - they breathe atmospheric air. Saturated with oxygen, often with a strong flow from the filter, the aquarium does not even like them very much. Nobody claims that these fish should be kept in 3 liter cans, but the fact that they will feel fine in a small container without filtration and aeration is a fact. The only difficulty may be the breeding of fry, but not everyone wants to become a professional breeder. Virtually everyone keeps Betta just for the enjoyment of beauty. Therefore, we will discuss the issue exclusively from this point of view.

Pet fishes: content in the home

Representatives of the macro-household family are unpretentiousin the fullest sense of the word. They will forgive you stale water and rare food, thanking the awesome poses, which we take with pleasure as an indescribable sight. True, do not think that fish can change water every six months and feed "ever". No! To mock those who have been tamed is blasphemy. We are responsible for them.

breeding of fry
What do males love?Fish (captive content) require warm standing water. Ideally, the temperature regime should be kept between 24 and 28 ° C. If your apartment is constantly warm, then you can not install the heater in the aquarium, otherwise it is vital. Moreover, the temperature difference should be minimal: Betta is able to catch cold by swallowing cold air. If the difference is significant, cover the cocktail container with a lid, but not too tightly so that fresh oxygen can enter.

What do males eat?The content in the aquarium provides for the use of live food as the main source of nutrition. Ideally, these are mosquitoes, gnats. You can purchase frozen bloodworms or artemia in a pet store. In extreme cases, suitable dry specialized food. Overfeeding fish is prohibited! They need a moderate diet. The more hungry the cocks, the stronger their immunity, which means that the longer they live. But from overfeeding Betta gets fat, becomes lazy and stops arranging beautiful show battles. What there can be cockerels ...

Fish, the content of which we are considering,well tolerate daylight. Therefore it is desirable to install the aquarium in a well-lit place. Direct sunlight, however, should not fall into the aquarium - this will start to bloom water. In the aquarium ground, it is desirable to plant a small plant that will supply the aquatic environment with oxygen. Be sure to install decorative decoration, in which the fish can hide from time to time.

cockerels fishes content

What are the differences between the males?These fish are very aggressive representatives of the aquatic world. Therefore, it is desirable to contain them in a separate aquarium, so to speak alone. Otherwise, someone from the "guests" will have to fold his head during systematic fights. In order for your cock to not get bored in a "solitary cell", hang up a mirror. He will fight with his own reflection. It's safe and very beautiful. But do not do this often. The cock will get used to it and stop responding to it.

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