Day of Civil Aviation in Russia and in the World

It would seem, most recently, a man dreamed that,to rise to the sky. We all remember a touching monologue in which the heroine of AN Ostrovsky reflects on the impossibility of comparing with a bird and flying. In our own time, nothing is impossible in this desire. About a hundred years ago, a man was able to translate his dream into reality and look at the clouds near. Civil Aviation Day is now the day of those people who once ventured on desperate deeds and invented the first planes, as well as those who now make our life much easier.

day of civil aviation

Without air transport, capable ofthe shortest possible time to overcome enormous distances, it would be much more difficult for us to travel, meet with friends and relatives living on other continents. Although the functions of civil aviation are not limited solely to passenger transportation. Fast aircraft deliver lightly the necessary cargo, important mail, and help in agriculture. From the height it is much easier to carry out search and rescue work, so those in trouble will wait much longer for help. And how many tragedies can be avoided during forest fires, thanks to the fact that aircraft and helicopters take part in their extinguishing. Day of civil aviation in this case is a day of truly courageous and courageous people.

Day of Civil Aviation of Russia

But let us turn to history. For the first time in the world, Civil Aviation Day was celebrated in 1994. December 7 was recognized as the official date of this holiday. On this day the 50th anniversary of the Convention was celebrated, on which the International Civil Aviation Organization was established. Two years later, the UN also officially recognized this holiday.

Day of Civil Aviation of Russia

In Russia, all people who areThe air fleet was a little more fortunate. In addition to the international holiday, our "conquerors of the sky" also celebrate the Russian Aviation Day. It falls on 9 February. It was on this day in 1923 that the first passenger plane "brought" Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod closer together. And with the advent of the first passenger airline, it became necessary to create and related organizations. Such were the All-Russian society "Dobrolet" and, of course, the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the USSR. Over time, civil aviation has its own flag, uniforms, and personnel badges.

But there is in Russia and another holiday "Knightsthe sky ". It is noted by representatives of both civil and military aviation. This is the third Sunday in August. As you can see, our country is generous for the holidays, but this is correct.

Aviation Day of Russia

Aviation - the branch of national economy

Now civil aviation can beonly the vehicles themselves and the extensive network of overhead lines. This includes airports, airfields, educational institutions, scientific institutions. Many other branches of the national economy would not have been easy if, at the beginning of the twentieth century, American inventors had not attempted to master airspace. Therefore, Civil Aviation Day is a holiday not only for the pilots themselves, but for all people who are related to the air fleet.

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